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Valter Cavecchia

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Research products

Blanzieri E.; Tebaldi T.; Cavecchia V.; Asnicar F.; Masera L.; Tome G.; Nigro E.; Colasurdo E.; Ciciani M.; Mazzoni C.; Pilati S.

A Computing System for Discovering Causal Relationships among Human Genes to Improve Drug Repositioning

(2020) in Emerging Topics in Computing, IEEE Transactions on
Asnicar, Francesco; Masera, Luca; Pistore, Davide; Valentini, Samuel; Cavecchia, Valter; Blanzieri, Enrico

OneGenE: Regulatory Gene Network Expansion via Distributed Volunteer Computing on BOINC

(2019) 27th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing, PDP 2019, Pavia, Italy, 13-15/2/2019
Malacarne, Giulia; Pilati, Stefania; Valentini, Samuel; Asnicar, Francesco; Moretto, Marco; Sonego, Paolo; Masera, Luca; Cavecchia, Valter; Blanzieri, Enrico; Moser, Claudio

Discovering Causal Relationships in Grapevine Expression Data to Expand Gene Networks. A Case Study: Four Networks Related to Climate Change

(2018) in Frontiers in plant science
Rumyantsev, Alexander; Eparskaya, Anna; Blanzieri, Enrico; Cavecchia, Valter

On distributed R computations over BOINC

(2017) BOINC:FAST 2017, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia, 28/08/2017,01/09/2017
Asnicar, Francesco; Masera, Luca; Coller, Emanuela; Gallo, Caterina; Sella, Nadir; Tolio, Thomas; Morettin, Paolo; Erculiani, Luca; Galante, Francesca; Semeniuta, Stanislau; Malacarne, Giulia; Engelen, Kristof; Argentini, Andrea; Cavecchia, Valter; Moser, Claudio; Blanzieri, Enrico

NES(2)RA: Network expansion by stratified variable subsetting and ranking aggregation

(2016) in The international journal of high performance computing applications
Asnicar F.; Erculiani L.; Galante F.; Gallo C.; Masera L.; Morettin P.; Sella N.; Semeniuta S.; Tolio T.; Malacarne G.; Engelen K.; Argentini A.; Cavecchia V.; Moser C.; Blanzieri E.

Discovering Candidates for Gene Network Expansion by Distributed Volunteer Computing

(2015) 2015 IEEE Trustcom/BigdataSE/ISPA, Helsinki, Finlandia, 20-22/08/2015
Asnicar, Francesco; Sella, Nadir; Masera, Luca; Morettin, Paolo; Tolio, Thomas; Semeniuta, Stanislau; Moser, Claudio; Blanzieri, Enrico; Cavecchia, Valter

TN-Grid and gene@home project: Volunteer computing for bioinformatics

(2015) BOINC:FAST 2015, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia, 14-18/09/2015