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Tatiana Ivanova

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Research products

Juzekaeva E.; Nasretdinov A.; Battistoni S.; Berzina T.; Iannotta S.; Khazipov R.; Erokhin V.; Mukhtarov M.

Coupling Cortical Neurons through Electronic Memristive Synapse

(2019) in Advanced materials (Weinh., Print)
Cifarelli A.; Parisini A.; Berzina T.; Iannotta S.

Organic memristive element with Chitosan as solid polyelectrolyte

(2018) in Microelectronic engineering
Lapkin D.A.; Emelyanov A.V.; Demin V.A.; Berzina T.S.; Erokhin V.V.

Spike-timing-dependent plasticity of polyaniline-based memristive element

(2018) in Microelectronic engineering
Berzina T.; Dimonte A.; Adamatzky A.; Erokhin V.; Iannotta S.

Biolithography: Slime mould patterning of polyaniline

(2018) in Applied surface science
Cifarelli A.; Parisini A.; Iannotta S.; Berzina T.

Organic memristive devices based on pectin as a solid polyelectrolyte

(2018) in Microelectronic engineering
Boschi F.; Bosi M.; Berzina T.; Buffagni E.; Ferrari C.; Fornari R.

Hetero-epitaxy of epsilon-Ga2O3 layers by MOCVD and ALD

(2016) in Journal of crystal growth
Cifarelli, Angelica; Berzina, Tatiana; Parisini, Antonella; Erokhin, Victor; Iannotta, Salvatore

Polysaccarides-based gels and solid-state electronic devices with memresistive properties: Synergy between polyaniline electrochemistry and biology

(2016) in AIP advances
Alice Dimonte; Tatiana Berzina; Victor Erokhin

Physarum Polycephalum changes polyaniline properties

(2015) in Artificial life
Cifarelli, Angelica; Berzina, Tatiana S.; Erokhin, Victor V.

Bio-organic memristive device: Polyaniline-Physarum polycephalum interface

(2015) in Physica status solidi. C, Current topics in solid state physics (Print)
Alice Dimonte, Tatiana Berzina, Angelica Cifarelli, Valentina Chiesi, Franca Albertini, Victor Erokhin

Conductivity patterning with Physarum Polycephalum: natural growth and deflecting

(2015) in Physica status solidi. C, Current topics in solid state physics (Internet)
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