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Saverio Vicario

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Saverio Vicario is a Researcher in CNR , Bari since 2006 and in staff since 2011. Bachelor degree in Zoology in "TorVergata" University (Rome) and PhD in ecology and evolutionary biology in Yale University. Its work produced peer reviewed articles in molecular systematics and genome evolution and biodiversity. From a methodological point of view he has interest in developing and refining statistical methods to study biodiversity with special attention to phylogenetic approach and to observation obtained with a environmental sequencing. From a biological point of view has interest in the mode of evolution of mitochondrial genome and its contribution to organism adaptation. He participate to the Italian LifeWatch Network and he is member of the SIBE (Italian Society of Evolutionary Biology) and BITS (Bioinformatics Italian Society).

Interest areas:

Bioinformatics: phylogenetic methods, distance between phylogenetic tree, phylogenetic diversity.
Molecular biology: codon usage bias evolution mitochondrion molecular evolution

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Scopus Author ID: 6602779982
WoS Researcher ID: C-4427-2015
Research Gate: Saverio_Vicario

Research products

Saverio Vicario (1), Maria Adamo (1), Domingo Alcaraz-Segura (2)(3), Cristina Tarantino (1)

Bayesian Harmonic Modelling of Sparse and Irregular Satellite Remote Sensing Time Series of Vegetation Indexes: A Story of Clouds and Fires

(2020) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Maria Adamo 1,*, Valeria Tomaselli 2,3, Cristina Tarantino 1 , Saverio Vicario 1 , Giuseppe Veronico 3 , Richard Lucas 4 and Palma Blonda 1

Knowledge-Based Classification of Grassland Ecosystem Based on Multi-Temporal WorldView-2 Data and FAO-LCCS Taxonomy

Maria Adamo 1,*, Valeria Tomaselli 2,3, Cristina Tarantino 1 , Saverio Vicario 1 , Giuseppe Veronico 3 (2020) in Remote sensing (Basel)
Balech, Bachir; Sandionigi, Anna; Manzari, Caterina; Trucchi, Emiliano; Tullo, Apollonia; Licciulli, Flavio; Grillo, Giorgio; Sbisa, Elisabetta; De Felici, Stefano; Saccone, Cecilia; D'Erchia, Anna Maria; Cesaroni, Donatella; Casiraghi, Maurizio; Vicario, Saverio

Tackling critical parameters in metazoan meta-barcoding experiments: a preliminary study based on coxI DNA barcode

(2018) in PeerJ
Balech B.; Monaco A.; Perniola M.; Santamaria M.; Donvito G.; Vicario S.; Maggi G.; Pesole G.

DNA multiple sequence alignment guided by protein domains: The MSA-PAD 2.0 method

(2018) in Methods in molecular biology (Clifton N.J.)
Matthias Obst 1, Saverio Vicario 2 , Kennet Lundin 3, Matz Berggren 1, Anna Karlsson 4, Robert Haines 5, Alan Williams 5, Carole Goble 5, Cherian Mathew 6, Anton Güntsch 6,

Marine long-term biodiversity assessment suggests loss of rare species in the Skagerrak and Kattegat region

(2017) in Marine biodiversity (Internet)
Bruno, Antonia; Sandionigi, Anna; Rizzi, Ermanno; Bernasconi, Marzia; Vicario, Saverio; Galimberti, Andrea; Cocuzza, Clementina; Labra, Massimo; Casiraghi, Maurizio

Exploring the under-investigated "microbial dark matter" of drinking water treatment plants

(2017) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Benazzo, Andrea; Trucchi, Emiliano; Cahill, James A; Maisano Delser, Pierpaolo; Mona, Stefano; Fumagalli, Matteo; Bunnefeld, Lynsey; Cornetti, Luca; Ghirotto, Silvia; Girardi, Matteo; Ometto, Lino; Panziera, Alex; Rota-Stabelli, Omar; Zanetti, Enrico; Karamanlidis, Alexandros; Groff, Claudio; Paule, Ladislav; Gentile, Leonardo; Vila, Carles; Vicario, Saverio; Boitani, Luigi; Orlando, Ludovic; Fuselli, Silvia; Vernesi, Cristiano; Shapiro, Beth; Ciucci, Paolo; Bertorelle, Giorgio

Survival and divergence in a small group: The extraordinary genomic history of the endangered Apennine brown bear stragglers.

(2017) in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
De Fanti, Sara; Vicario, Saverio; Lang, Martin; Simone, Domenico; Magli, Cristina; Luiselli, Donata; Gianaroli, Luca; Romeo, Giovanni

Intra-individual purifying selection on mitochondrial DNA variants during human oogenesis.

(2017) in Human reproduction (Oxf., Online)
F. Lovergine (1), C. Tarantino (1), A. D'Addabbo (1), M. Adamo (1), G. Satalino (1), A. Refice (1), P. Blonda (1), S. Vicario (2)

Experiencing WPS services in several application domains: opportunities and challenges

F. Lovergine (1), C. Tarantino (1), A. D'Addabbo (1), M. Adamo (1), G. Satalino (1), A. Refice (1), (2016) 3rd edition of the ESSI EGU 3.4 "Open access to Research Data and Public Sector Information", Vienna, 17-22/04/2016
Hardisty, Alex R. and Bacall, Finn and Beard, Niall and Balc'azar-Vargas, Maria-Paula and Balech, Bachir and Barcza, Zolt'an and Bourlat, Sarah J. and De Giovanni, Renato and de Jong, Yde and De Leo, Francesca and Dobor, Laura and Donvito, Giacinto and Fellows, Donal and Guerra, Antonio Fernandez and Ferreira, Nuno and Fetyukova, Yuliya and Fosso, Bruno and Giddy, Jonathan and Goble, Carole and G"untsch, Anton and Haines, Robert and Ernst, Vera Hern'andez and Hettling, Hannes and Hidy, D'ora and Horv'ath, Ferenc and Ittz'es, D'ora and Ittz'es, P'eter and Jones, Andrew and Kottmann, Renzo and Kulawik, Robert and Leidenberger, Sonja and Lyytik"ainen-Saarenmaa, P"aivi and Mathew, Cherian and Morrison, Norman and Nenadic, Aleksandra and de la Hidalga, Abraham Nieva and Obst, Matthias and Oostermeijer, Gerard and Paymal, Elisabeth and Pesole, Graziano and Pinto, Salvatore and Poign'e, Axel and Fernandez, Francisco Quevedo and Santamaria, Monica and Saarenmaa, Hannu and Sipos, Gergely and Sy...

BioVeL: a virtual laboratory for data analysis and modelling in biodiversity science and ecology

(2016) in BMC ecology (Online)
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