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Research products

Preziosi V.; Barra M.; Perazzo A.; Tarabella G.; Agostino R.; Marasso S.L.; D'Angelo P.; Iannotta S.; Cassinese, A.; Guido S.

Monitoring emulsion microstructure by Organic Electrochemical Transistors

Battista B.; Lettera V.; Villani M.; Calestani D.; Gentile F.; Netti P. A.; Iannotta S.; Zappettini A.; Coppedè N.

Enzymatic sensing with laccase-functionalized textile organic biosensors

(2017) in Organic electronics (Print)
D'Angelo P.; Tarabella G.; Romeo A.; Giodice A.; Marasso S.; Cocuzza M.; Ravanetti F.; Cacchioli A.; Petronini P.G.; Iannotta S.

Monitoring the adaptive cell response to hyperosmotic stress by organic devices

(2017) in MRS communicatons
Pradeep, U. W.; Villani, M.; Calestani, D.; Cristofolini, L.; Iannotta, S.; Zappettini, A.; Coppede, N.

Charge-separation enhancement in inverted polymer solar cells by molecular-level triple heterojunction: NiO-np:P3HT:PCBM

(2017) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
Tonezzer, Matteo; Dang, Thi Thanh Le; Tran, Quang Huy; Nguyen, Van Hieu; Iannotta, Salvatore

Selective hydrogen sensor for liquefied petroleum gas steam reforming fuel cell systems

(2017) in International journal of hydrogen energy
Paesano, Laura; Perotti, Alessio; Buschini, Annamaria; Carubbi, Cecilia; Marmiroli, Marta; Maestri, Elena; Iannotta, Salvatore; Marmiroli, Nelson

Data on HepG2 cells changes following exposure to cadmium sulphide quantum dots (CdS QDs).

(2017) in Data in brief
Juarez-Hernandez L.J.; Cornella N.; Pasquardini L.; Battistoni S.; Vidalino L.; Vanzetti L.; Caponi S.; Serra M.D.; Iannotta S.; Pederzolli C.; Macchi P.; Musio C.

Bio-hybrid interfaces to study neuromorphic functionalities: New multidisciplinary evidences of cell viability on poly(anyline) (PANI), a semiconductor polymer with memristive properties

(2016) in Biophysical chemistry (Print)
Caponi, S.; Mattana, S.; Ricci, M.; Ricci, M.; Sagini, K.; Urbanelli, L.; Sassi, P.; Morresi, A.; Emiliani, C.; Emiliani, C.; Dalla Serra, M.; Iannotta, S.; Musio, C.; Fioretto, D.; Fioretto, D.

Raman micro-spectroscopy study of living SH-SY5Y cells adhering on different substrates

(2016) in Biophysical chemistry (Print)
Gentile, Francesco; Ferrara, Lorenzo; Villani, Marco; Bettelli, Manuele; Iannotta, Salvatore; Zappettini, Andrea; Cesarelli, Mario; Di Fabrizio, Enzo; Coppedè, Nicola

Geometrical Patterning of Super-Hydrophobic Biosensing Transistors Enables Space and Time Resolved Analysis of Biological Mixtures

(2016) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Nicola Coppedè, Elisa Bonnini, Francesco Mezzadri, Giuseppe Tarabella, Paolo Ranzieri, Luisa Barba, Gianmichele Arrighetti, Luca Lutterotti, Salvatore Iannotta

Structural and morphological phase control by supersonic beams on titanyl phthalocyanine: An investigation on the growth

(2016) in Organic electronics (Print)
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