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Research products

Foglia S., Lamberti I., Berzina T.S., Cerchia L., Ranzieri P., Quagliano L.G., Tanzarella C., Tarabella G., Iannotta S., De Franciscis V.

Affinity immobilization of aptamers on graphene oxide for biosensor applications

(2014) MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, 30/11-5/12 2014
Lamberti I., Antoccia A., Antonini G., Iucci G., Tanzarella C., Quagliano L.G., Foglia S.

Detection of tumor markers by using a new SERS aptasensor

(2013) Aptamers in Medicine and Perspective, Napoli, 4-5/10/2013
Lamberti I,, Antoccia A., Battocchio C., Iucci G., Duconge F., Papi M., Quagliano L.G., Foglia S.

Integrated approach to a sensitive platform for SERS aptamer biosensor, suitable for a microfluidic device

(2012) Convegno Nazionale Sensori, Innovazione, Attualità e Prospettive, Roma, 15-16-17/02/2012
Quagliano L.G., Foglia S.

Raman Study of Graphene Nanoribbons Obtained by Solution Processing

(2012) ICORS 2012 - 23rd International Raman Conference, Bangalore, India, 12-17/08/2012
L.G. Quagliano, S. Foglia

"Raman Study of Graphene Nanoribbonds Obtained by Solution Processing"

(2012) 23rd International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy, Bangalore, India, 12-17/08/2012
Foglia S. ,Lamberti I,Quagliano L.G., Papi M., Antonini G., Polzonetti G., Tanzarella C.

Overcoming of gold nanoparticles sandwich for sensitive platforms in microfluidic devices, based on surface-enhanced Raman scattering

(2011) Nanotechitaly2011, Mestre, 23-25/11/2011
Lamberti I, Antoccia A., Battocchio C., Quagliano L.G., Tanzarella C., Iucci g., Foglia S.

Aptamer based SERS sensing surface for direct detection of proteins

(2011) 6th word Congress on Biomimetics, Artificial Muscle and Nano-bio, Paris, France, 25-25-27/10/2011
Capobianchi A. (1), Laureti S. (1), Fiorani D. (1), Foglia S. (2), Palange E. (3)

Direct synthesis of L10 FePt nanoparticles within carbon nanotubes by wet chemical procedure

(2010) in Journal of physics. D, Applied physics (Print)
Capobianchi A., Laureti S., Fiorani D., Foglia S., Palange E.

Direct Synthesis of L10 FePt nanoparticles within Carbon Nanotubes by Wet Chemical Procedure

(2010) Nanoscince & Nanotechnology 2010, Frascati
Capobianchi A., Fiorani D., Laureti S., Foglia S., Palange E.

Direct Synthesis of L10 FePt nanoparticles within Carbon Nanotubes by Wet Chemical Procedure

(2010) X International Conference on “Nanostructured Materials” (NANO 2010), Roma
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