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Rocco Pace

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My research interests are forest modeling and tree ecophysiology. I'm working on ecosystem services of urban trees to improve air quality and microclimate. The aim is to find suitable nature-based solutions to mitigate climate change and air pollution effects improving the environmental sustainability of cities.

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Urban Forestry, Modeling, Tree ecophysiology, Ecosystem services, Phyto-technologies, Green cities


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Research Fellow
Company: IRET - Istituto di Ricerca sugli Ecosistemi Terrestri - Via G. Marconi N. 2 05010 Porano (TR)
Company web site:
Time period: 05/2020 - today

Implementation and validation of a model to estimate the deposition of air pollutants based on the morphological and physiological characteristics of trees as well as on microclimatic conditions considering also extreme climatic events

PhD Student
Company: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research Atmospheric Environmental Research (IMK-IFU) - Kreuzeckbahnstraße 19, 82467, Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Time period: 11/2016 - 02/2020

Designing urban green spaces to improve micro-climate and mitigate anthropogenic air pollution (green2clean)

Visiting PhD Student
Company: United States Forest Service (USDA), Northern Research Station - State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry - 1 Forestry Drive, 5 Moon Library - Syracuse , NY, USA
Company web site:
Time period: 09/2018 - 11/2018

Modeling the transpiration of urban trees and validation with experimental data to evaluate the cooling effect on air temperature

Company: Institute For Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) - Berliner Str. 130, 14467 Potsdam, Germany
Time period: 04/2016 - 08/2016

The "Green City" concept and the indicators of environmental sustainability assessment


PhD (Dr. rer. nat.)
Technische Universität München
Graduation date: 2020-12-16
Attendance time period: 11/2016 - 02/2020
Thesis: Modeling ecosystem services of urban trees to improve air quality and microclimate

Dottore magistrale in Scienze Forestali e Ambientali
Università degli Studi della Tuscia
Grade: 110/110 cum Laude
Graduation date: 2016-02-26
Attendance time period: 12/2013 - 02/2016
Thesis: Indagini ecofisiologiche su Phragmites australis in un sito contaminato da piombo

Master's Degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences

Dottore in Scienze Forestali e Ambientali
Università degli Studi della Basilicata
Grade: 110/110 cum Laude
Graduation date: 2013-12-18
Attendance time period: 09/2010 - 12/2013
Thesis: La gestione forestale delle aree protette. Un caso di studio: la Riserva Statale di Grotticelle (PZ)

Bachelor's Degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences


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Research products

Rocco Pace, Francesco De Fino, Mohammad A. Rahman, Stephan Pauleit, David J. Nowak & Rüdiger Grote

A single tree model to consistently simulate cooling, shading, and pollution uptake of urban trees

(2021) in International journal of biometeorology (Print)
Pace Rocco, Guidolotti Gabriele, Baldacchini Chiara, Pallozzi Emanuele, Grote Ruediger, Nowak David J, Calfapietra Carlo

Comparing i-Tree Eco Estimates of Particulate Matter Deposition with Leaf and Canopy Measurements in an Urban Mediterranean Holm Oak Forest

(2021) in Environmental science & technology (Wash., D.C., Online)
Rocco Pace, Francesca Chiocchini*, Maurizio Sarti, Carlo Calfapietra, Pierluigi Paris, Marco Ciolfi

Testing the i-Tree Cool Air spatial model to evaluate the contribution of urban green spaces to air temperature mitigation

(2021) X AIT International Conference - Italian Society of Remote Sensing, Cagliari, 13/09/2021, 15/09/2021
Marco Ciolfi, Francesca Chiocchini, Maurizio Sarti, Rocco Pace, Pierluigi Paris, Marco Lauteri

Quick and easy indices assessment: exploiting the Google Earth Engine platform to detect peri-urban land cover changes

(2021) X AIT International Conference - Italian Society of Remote Sensing, Cagliari, 13/09/2021, 14/09/2021, 15/09/2021
Alpaidze, Levan; Pace, Rocco

Ecosystem services provided by urban forests in the Southern Caucasus region: a modeling study in Tbilisi, Georgia

(2021) Third World Conference of the Society for Urban Ecology. Cities as Social Ecological Systems, Pozna?, 07/07/2021, 09/07/2021
G Capotorti, S Bonacquisti, L Abis, I Aloisi, F Attorre, G Bacaro, G Balletto, E Banfi, E Barni, F Bartoli, E Bazzato, M Beccaccioli, R Braglia, F Bretzel, MA Brighetti, G Brundu, M Burnelli, C Calfapietra, VE Cambria, G Caneva, A Canini, S Caronni, M Castello, C Catalano, L Celesti-Grapow, E Cicinelli, L Cipriani, S Citterio, G Concu, A Coppi, E Corona, S Del Duca, E Del Vico, E Di Gristina, G Domina, L Faino, EA Fano, S Fares, E Farris, S Farris, M Fornaciari, M Gaglio, G Galasso, M Galletti, ML Gargano, R Gentili, AP Giannotta, C Guarino, R Guarino, G Iaquinta, G Iiriti, A Lallai, E Lallai, E Lattanzi, S Manca, F Manes, M Marignani, F Marinangeli, M Mariotti, F Mascia, P Mazzola, G Meloni, P Michelozzi, A Miraglia, C Montagnani, L Mundula, AN Muresan, F Musanti, A Nardini, E Nicosia, L Oddi, F Orlandi, R Pace, ME Palumbo, S Palumbo, L Parrotta, S Pasta, K Perini, L Poldini, A Postiglione, A Prigioniero, C Proietti, FM Raimondo, A Ranfa, EL Redi, M Reverberi, E Roccotiello, L Ru...

More Nature in the City

(2020) in Plant Biosystems (Firenze, Online)
Pace, Rocco; Liberati, Dario; Sconocchia, Paolo; De Angelis, Paolo

Lead transfer into the vegetation layer growing naturally in a Pb-contaminated site

(2020) in Environmental geochemistry and health
Jiangli Zhang, Andrea Ghirardo, Antonella Gori, Andreas Albert, Franz Buegger, Rocco Pace, Elisabeth Georgii, Rüdiger Grote, Jörg-Peter Schnitzler, Jörg Durner & Christian Lindermayr

Improving Air Quality by Nitric Oxide Consumption of Climate-Resilient Trees Suitable for Urban Greening

(2020) in Frontiers in plant science
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