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Marta Paterlini interview at Gianluca De Bellis, Roberto Defez, Vito Mocella,

Finally, a new president for the National Research Council

Daniela Torres, Elías Mongiardini, Florencia Donadío, Raúl Donoso, Gonzalo Recabarren-Gajardo, José Gualpa, Stijn Spaepen, Roberto Defez, Gastón Lopez, Carmen Bianco, Fabricio Cassán

Molecular and physiological analysis of indole-3-acetic acid degradation in Bradyrhizobium japonicum E109

(2021) in Research in microbiology (Paris)
Bianco C.; Andreozzi A.; Romano S.; Fagorzi C.; Cangioli L.; Prieto P.; Cisse F.; Niangado O.; Sidibe A.; Pianezze S.; Perini M.; Mengoni A.; Defez R.

Endophytes from african rice (Oryza glaberrima L.) efficiently colonize asian rice (Oryza sativa L.) stimulating the activity of its antioxidant enzymes and increasing the content of nitrogen, carbon, and chlorophyll

(2021) in Microorganisms
Moretto, Brambilla, Ferrero, Defez, Sandroni

An Open Letter to AAAS Science Magazine From Science and Technology for Agriculture Members

(2020) in Science world. Edition 2
Moretto, Sandroni, Defez

L'agricoltura e i pregiudizi sul glifosate

Deborah Piovan e Roberto Defez

Adesso pure il coronavirus è colpa degli ogm

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