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Roberto Bertoni

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Research products

Modenutti B. (1), E. Balseiro (1), G. Corno, C. Callieri, R. Bertoni and E. Caravati

Ultraviolet radiation induce filamentation in bacterial assemblages from North Andean Patagonian lakes

(2010) in Photochemistry and photobiology
Caravati E., C. Callieri, B. Modenutti (1), G. Corno, E. Balseiro (1), R. Bertoni, L. Michaud (2)

Picocyanobacterial assemblages in ultraoligotrophic Andean lakes reveal high regional microdiversity

(2010) in Journal of plankton research
Bertoni R., C. Callieri, G. Corno, S. Rasconi (1), E. Caravati & M. Contesini

Long-term trends of epilimnetic and hypolimnetic bacteria and organic carbon in a deep holo-oligomictic lake

(2010) in Hydrobiologia (The Hague. Print)
Bertoni R. and Callieri C.

Long-term trends of organic carbon and bacteria in the deep holo-oligomictic Lake Maggiore, Northern Italy

(2010) SIL international congress, Città del Capo Sud Africa
Callieri R. and Bertoni R.

UV induced aggregation in Synechococcus: role of pigment composition and acclimation

(2010) XX Congresso S.It.E., Roma
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