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Research products

Slonimska, Anita; Ozyurek, Asli; Capirci, Olga

The role of iconicity and simultaneity for efficient communication: The case of Italian Sign Language (LIS)

(2020) in Cognition (The Hague)
Pizzuto, Gabriella; Hospedales, Timothy M.; Capirci, Olga; Cangelosi, Angelo

Modelling the Single Word to Multi-Word Transition Using Matrix Completion

(2019) 2019 Joint IEEE 9th International Conference on Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-EpiRob), Oslo, Norway, August 19-22, 2019
Sparaci Laura, Lasorsa Francesca Romana, Capirci Olga

More Than Words: Gestures in Typically Developing Children and in Children with Autism

(2019) Nova Scientific Publishing, New York (Stati Uniti d'America) in Manual Sign Acquisition in Children with Developmental Disabilities, 2019
Sparaci L.; Northrup J.B.; Capirci O.; Iverson J.M.

From Using Tools to Using Language in Infant Siblings of Children with Autism

(2018) in Journal of autism and developmental disorders
Rino Falcone, Olga Capirci, Fabio Lucidi, Pierluigi Zoccolotti

Riflettere sull'IA rivela la varietà e complessità delle competenze coinvolte. Risposte ai commenti

(2018) in Giornale italiano di psicologia
Rino Falcone, Olga Capirci, Fabio Lucidi, Pierluigi Zoccolotti

Prospettive di intelligenza artificiale: mente, lavoro e società nel mondo del "machine learning"

(2018) in Giornale italiano di psicologia
Volterra, Virginia; Capirci, Olga; Caselli, Maria Cristina; Rinaldi, Pasquale; Sparaci, Laura

Developmental evidence for continuity from action to gesture to sign/word

(2017) in LIA (Amsterdam. Print)
Mastrogiuseppe M., Capirci O., Cuva S., Venuti P.

Gestural communication in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders during mother-child interaction

(2015) in Autism (Lond.)
Sekine, Kazuki; Stam, Gale; Yoshioka, Keiko; Tellier, Marion; Capirci, Olga

Cross-linguistic Views of Gesture Usage

(2015) in Vigo international journal of applied linguistics
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