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Melanie Kristina Timpel

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Interest areas:

Development of hybrid (nano-)materials, their chemical modification and their surface functionalization with molecular precursors using solution and ultra-high vacuum techniques for applications in different fields ranging from transportation to nanomedicine to organic electronics. In particular:

  • Eutectic microstructure investigation of chemically modified metal alloys (e.g., Al-Si cast alloys) with 3D imaging techniques at the nanoscale, i.e., focused ion beam (FIB) tomography and atom probe tomography (APT).

  • Surface functionalization of metal oxides (e.g., ZnO, ITO), nanostructured materials (e.g., SiC/SiO2 core/shell nanowires), and 2D materials (e.g., 2D-MoS2) with molecular precursors. Study of the interface properties of such hybrid materials via (soft) X-ray photoemission and absorption using synchrotron radiation. Engineering of their chemical and physical properties for the optimization of the materials and of the device performance.


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Scopus H-Index: 15
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CARITRO foundation Postdoc fellowship
Company: Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento, Trento (Italy)
Company web site:
Time period: 12/2017 - 03/2020

Alexander-von-Humboldt Postdoc fellowship
Company: Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism, Italian National Research Council, Trento (Italy)
Time period: 11/2015 - 10/2017

Postdoc Researcher
Company: Department of Physics (Supramolecular Systems), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin (Germany)
Time period: 07/2012 - 10/2015

Postdoc Researcher
Company: Institute of Applied Materials, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Berlin (Germany)
Time period: 01/2012 - 06/2012


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Research products

Timpel M.; Li H.; Nardi M.V.; Wegner B.; Frisch J.; Hotchkiss P.J.; Marder S.R.; Barlow S.; Bredas J.-L.; Koch N.

Electrode Work Function Engineering with Phosphonic Acid Monolayers and Molecular Acceptors: Charge Redistribution Mechanisms

(2018) in Advanced functional materials (Print)
Tatti, R.; Timpel, M.; Nardi, M. V.; Fabbri, F.; Rossi, R.; Pasquardini, L.; Chiasera, A.; Aversa, L.; Koshmak, K.; Giglia, A.; Pasquali, L.; Rimoldi, T.; Cristofolini, L.; Attolini, G.; Varas, S.; Iannotta, S.; Verucchi, R.; Salviati, G.

Functionalization of SiC/SiOx nanowires with a porphyrin derivative: a hybrid nanosystem for X-ray induced singlet oxygen generation

(2017) in Molecular systems design & engineering
Mangione G.; Sambi M.; Carlotto S.; Vittadini A.; Ligorio G.; Timpel M.; Pasquali L.; Giglia A.; Nardi M.V.; Casarin M.

Electronic structure of CuTPP and CuTPP(F) complexes: a combined experimental and theoretical study II

(2016) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Mangione G.; Carlotto S.; Sambi M.;Ligorio G.; Timpel M.; Vittadini A.; Nardi M.V.; Casarin M.

Electronic structures of CuTPP and CuTPP(F) complexes. A combined experimental and theoretical study I

(2016) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)