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Marco Vittorio Nardi

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M. V. Nardi, Nardi M., M.Nardi, Nardi M. V.

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Development of 2D and nanostructured systems and their molecular functionalization using solution and ultra-high vacuum techniques. Molecular and hybrid matrix nanosystems for applications as biosensors, in energy conversion, in the field of organic electronics and biomedicine. Study of materials, surfaces and interfaces using photoemission, vibrational and synchrotron light spectroscopies both in absorption and emission.


Phone: 0461-314849
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Google Scholar H-Index: 18
Scopus H-Index: 17
ISI-WoS H-Index: 17


Postdoctoral Fellow
Company: Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Trento - Polo Scientifico e Tecnologico Fabio Ferrari, Polo B, Via Sommarive, 9, 38123 Povo TN
Company web site:
Time period: 06/2015 - 07/2019

Postdoctoral Fellow
Company: Department of Physics (Supramolecular Systems), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Newtonstraße 15, 12489 Berlin (Germany)
Time period: 05/2011 - 06/2015

Postdoctoral Fellow
Company: Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism - Via Alla Cascata 56/C, 38123 Povo Trento (Italy)
Time period: 03/2007 - 05/2011


PhD in Material Science
University of Milano Bicocca - Via Roberto Cozzi, 55, 20125 Milano MI
Grade: Excel/Excel
Graduation date: 2007-07-10
Attendance time period: 11/2003 - 11/2006
Thesis: Organic and Organolanthanide film sensitized by Supersonic Molecular Beam "SuMBE" as candidate for photonic application

Laurea in Chimica
University of Padova - Via Francesco Marzolo, 1, 35131 Padova PD
Grade: 98/110
Graduation date: 2003-03-27
Attendance time period: 09/1997 - 03/2003
Thesis: Studio Teorico del Chemisorbimento di CO su Ti2O3 e V2O3.


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Research products

Calavalle F.; Dreher P.; Surdendran A.P.; Wan W.; Timpel M.; Verucchi R.; Rogero C.; Bauch T.; Lombardi F.; Casanova F.; Nardi M.V.; Ugeda M.M.; Hueso L.E.; Gobbi M.

Tailoring Superconductivity in Large-Area Single-Layer NbSe2 via Self-Assembled Molecular Adlayers

(2021) in Nano letters (Print)
Stoeckel, Marc-Antoine; Olivier, Yoann; Gobbi, Marco; Dudenko, Dmytro; Lemaur, Vincent; Zbiri, Mohamed; Guilbert, Anne A Y; D'Avino, Gabriele; Liscio, Fabiola; Migliori, Andrea; Ortolani, Luca; Demitri, Nicola; Jin, Xin; Jeong, Young-Gyun; Liscio, Andrea; Nardi, Marco-Vittorio; Pasquali, Luca; Razzari, Luca; Beljonne, David; Samori, Paolo; Orgiu, Emanuele

Analysis of External and Internal Disorder to Understand Band-Like Transport in n-Type Organic Semiconductors

(2021) in Advanced materials (Weinh., Print)
Amir Ghiami, Melanie Timpel, Andrea Chiappini, Marco Vittorio Nardi, and Roberto Verucchi

Synthesis of MoS2 Thin Film by Ionized Jet Deposition: Role of Substrate and Working Parameters

(2020) in Surfaces (Basel)
Timpel, Melanie; Nardi, Marco V.; Wegner, Berthold; Ligorio, Giovanni; Pasquali, Luca; Hildebrandt, Jana; Patzel, Michael; Hecht, Stefan; Ohta, Hiromichi; Koch, Norbert

Oligothiophene-Based Phosphonates for Surface Modification of Ultraflat Transparent Conductive Oxides

(2020) in Advanced materials interfaces
Ghiami, Amir; Timpel, Melanie; Nardi, Marco, V; Chiappini, Andrea; Nozar, Petr; Quaranta, Alberto; Verucchi, Roberto

Unravelling Work Function Contributions and Their Engineering in 2H-MoS2 Single Crystal Discovered by Molecular Probe Interaction

(2020) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Marc-Antoine Stoeckel, Yoann Olivier, Marco Gobbi, Dmytro Dudenko, Vincent Lemaur, Mohamed Zbiri, Anne Y Guilbert, Gabriele DAvino, Fabiola Liscio, Nicola Demitri, Xin Jin, Young-Gyun Jeong, Marco Vittorio Nardi, Luca Pasquali, Luca Razzari, David Beljonne, Paolo Samori, Emanuele Orgiu

Freeing electrons from extrinsic and intrinsic disorder yields band-like transport in n-type organic semiconductors

(2019) in arXiv
Stoeckel M.-A.; Gobbi M.; Leydecker T.; Wang Y.; Eredia M.; Bonacchi S.; Verucchi R.; Timpel M.; Nardi M.V.; Orgiu E.; Samori P.

Boosting and Balancing Electron and Hole Mobility in Single- and Bilayer WSe2 Devices via Tailored Molecular Functionalization

(2019) in ACS nano
Capelli R.; Nardi M.V.; Toccoli T.; Verucchi R.; Dinelli F.; Gelsomini C.; Koshmak K.; Giglia A.; Nannarone S.; Pasquali L.

3D reconstruction of pentacene structural organization in top-contact OTFTs via resonant soft X-ray reflectivity

(2018) in Applied physics letters
Gobbi M.; Bonacchi S.; Lian J.X.; Vercouter A.; Bertolazzi S.; Zyska B.; Timpel M.; Tatti R.; Olivier Y.; Hecht S.; Nardi M.V.; Beljonne D.; Orgiu E.; Samori P.

Collective molecular switching in hybrid superlattices for light-modulated two-dimensional electronics

(2018) in Nature communications
Morresi T., Timpel M., Pedrielli A., Garberoglio G., Tatti R., Verucchi R., Pasquali L., Pugno N.M., Nardi M.V., Taioli S.

A novel combined experimental and multiscale theoretical approach to unravel the structure of SiC/SiO : X core/shell nanowires for their optimal design

(2018) in Nanoscale (Print)
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