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Research products

Marta Marmiroli; Francesca Mussi; Luca Pagano; Davide Imperiale; Giacomo Lencioni; Marco Villani; Andrea Zappettini; Jason C. White; Nelson Marmiroli.

Cadmium sulfide quantum dots impact Arabidopsis thaliana physiology and morphology

(2020) in Chemosphere
Gallo V.; Srivastava V.; Bulone V.; Zappettini A.; Villani M.; Marmiroli N.; Marmiroli M.

Proteomic analysis identifies markers of exposure to cadmium sulphide quantum dots (Cds qds)

(2020) in Nanomaterials (Basel)
Coppede N.; Giannetto M.; Villani M.; Lucchini V.; Battista E.; Careri M.; Zappettini A.

Ion selective textile organic electrochemical transistor for wearable sweat monitoring

(2020) in Organic electronics (Print)
Paesano L.; Marmiroli M.; Bianchi M.G.; White J.C.; Bussolati O.; Zappettini A.; Villani M.; Marmiroli N.

Data on miRNome changes in human cells exposed to nano- or ionic- forms of Cadmium

(2020) in Data in brief
Paesano L.; Marmiroli M.; Bianchi M.G.; White J.C.; Bussolati O.; Zappettini A.; Villani M.; Marmiroli N.

Differences in toxicity, mitochondrial function and miRNome in human cells exposed in vitro to Cd as CdS quantum dots or ionic Cd

(2020) in Journal of hazardous materials (Print)
Marmiroli M.; Lepore G.O.; Pagano L.; D'Acapito F.; Gianoncelli A.; Villani M.; Lazzarini L.; White J.C.; Marmiroli N.

The fate of CdS quantum dots in plants as revealed by extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) analysis

(2020) in Environmental science. Nano (Print)
Pagano L.; Caldara M.; Villani M.; Zappettini A.; Marmiroli N.; Marmiroli M.

In vivo-In vitro comparative toxicology of cadmium Sulphide quantum dots in the model organism Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

(2019) in Nanomaterials (Basel)
Majumdar, Sanghamitra; Pagano, Luca; Wohlschlegel, James A.; Villani, Marco; Zappettini, Andrea; White, Jason C.; Keller, Arturo A.

Proteomic, gene and metabolite characterization reveal the uptake and toxicity mechanisms of cadmium sulfide quantum dots in soybean plants

(2019) in Environmental science. Nano (Print)
Majumdar S.; Ma C.; Villani M.; Zuverza-Mena N.; Pagano L.; Huang Y.; Zappettini A.; Keller A.A.; Marmiroli N.; Dhankher O.P.; White J.C.

Surface coating determines the response of soybean plants to cadmium sulfide quantum dots

(2019) in NanoImpact (Amsterdam) Online
Onesto, V; Villani, M.; Narducci, R.; Malara, N.; Imbrogno, A.; Allione, M.; Costa, N.; Coppede, N.; Zappettini, A.; Cannistraci, C., V; Cancedda, L.; Amato, F.; Fabrizio, Enzo D., I; Gentile, F.

Cortical-like mini-columns of neuronal cells on zinc oxide nanowire surfaces

(2019) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
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