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Smerieri, Marco; Smerieri, M; Smerieri, M.

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Study of the molecule-surface interaction investigated with experimental methods typical of surface science, especially using Low Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (LT-STM) and X-ray photoemission (XPS) and vibration (HR-EELS) spectroscopies. Recently my research interest has moved towards the biological molecules self assembly at metal surfaces and oxide films and on growth and characterization of nano-graphene-based structures starting from halogenated organic precursors on metallic substrates.


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WoS Researcher ID: P-1230-2014
Research Gate: Marco_Smerieri
Google Scholar: Fvnrl5kAAAAJ


Google Scholar H-Index: 12
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Research products

Savio, Letizia; Smerieri, Marco; Pal, Jagriti; Celasco, Edvige; Rocca, Mario; Vattuonet, Luca

2D Ni Nanoclusters on Ultrathin MgO/Ag(100)

(2020) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Smerieri, Marco; Pís, Igor; Ferrighi, Lara; Nappini, Silvia; Lusuan, Angelique; Vattuone, Luca; Vaghi, Luca; Papagni, Antonio; Magnano, Elena; Magnano, Elena; Di Valentin, Cristiana; Bondino, Federica; Savio, Letizia

Synthesis of corrugated C-based nanostructures by Br-corannulene oligomerization

(2018) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Carraro G.; Celasco E.; Smerieri M.; Savio L.; Bracco G.; Rocca M.; Vattuone L.

Chemisorption of CO on N-doped graphene on Ni(111)

(2018) in Applied surface science
Rawal, Takat B.; Smerieri, Marco; Pal, Jagriti; Hong, Sampyo; Alatalo, Matti; Savio, Letizia; Vattuone, Luca; Rahman, Talat S.; Rocca, Mario

Deciphering complex features in STM images of O adatoms on Ag(110)

(2018) in Physical Review B
Celasco, E.; Carraro, G.; Smerieri, M.; Savio, L.; Rocca, M.; Vattuone, L.

Influence of growing conditions on the reactivity of Ni supported graphene towards CO

(2017) in The Journal of chemical physics
Nappini, S.; Pis, I.; Carraro, G.; Celasco, E.; Smerieri, M.; Savio, L.; Magnano, E.; Bondino, F.

On-surface synthesis of different boron-nitrogen-carbon heterostructures from dimethylamine borane

(2017) in Carbon
Pal, Jagriti; Rawal, Takat B.; Smerieri, Marco; Hong, Sampyo; Alatalo, Matti; Savio, Letizia; Vattuone, Luca; Rahman, Talat S.; Rocca, Mario

Adatom Extraction from Pristine Metal Terraces by Dissociative Oxygen Adsorption: Combined STM and Density Functional Theory Investigation of O/Ag(110)

(2017) in Physical review letters (Print)
Smerieri M.;; Pis I.; Ferrighi L.; Nappini S.; Lusuan A.; Di Valentin C.; Vaghi L.; Papagni A.; Cattelan M.; Agnoli S.; Magnano E.; Bondino F.; Savio L:

Synthesis of graphene nanoribbons with a defined mixed edge-site sequence by surface assisted polymerization of (1,6)-dibromopyrene on Ag(110).

(2016) in Nanoscale (Print)
Celasco, E.; Carraro, G.; Lusuan, A.; Smerieri, M.; Pal, J.; Rocca, M.; Savio, L.; Vattuone, L.

CO chemisorption at vacancies of supported graphene films: a candidate for a sensor?

(2016) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Smerieri M.; Celasco E.; Carraro G.; Lusuan A.; Pal J.; Bracco G.; Rocca M.; Savio L.; Vattuone L.

Enhanced Chemical Reactivity of Pristine Graphene Interacting Strongly with a Substrate: Chemisorbed Carbon Monoxide on Graphene/Nickel(111)

(2015) in ChemCatChem (Internet)
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