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Letizia Savio

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Istituto dei Materiali per l'Elettronica e il Magnetismo (Genova unit)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Via Dodecaneso 33

Genova, IT.

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ResearcherID: B-8323-2015

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Savio L., L. Savio

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Molecule-surface interaction investigated with the methods of experimental surface science, in particular using photoemission and vibrational spectroscopy and low temperature STM. Recently her interst has focussed on the study of bio-films at surfaces and on the characterisation of the morphology, electronic properties and reactivity of defected/doped graphene layers, graphene nanoribbons and ornanometallic compounds supported on metal surfaces.

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WoS Researcher ID: B-8323-2015


ISI-WoS H-Index: 22

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Research products

Savio L.; Bhavitha K.B.; Bracco G.; Luciano G.; Cavallo D.; Paolini G.; Passaglia S.; Carraro G.; Vattuone L.; Masini R.; Smerieri M.

Correlating hydrophobicity to surface chemistry of microstructured aluminium surfaces

(2021) in Applied surface science
Davì R.; Carraro G.; Stojkovska M.; Smerieri M.; Savio L.; Lewandowski M., Gallet J.-J.; Bournel F.; Rocca M.; Vattuone L.

Graphene growth on Ni (111) by CO exposure at near ambient pressure

(2021) in Chemical physics letters (Print)
Savio, Letizia; Smerieri, Marco; Pal, Jagriti; Celasco, Edvige; Rocca, Mario; Vattuonet, Luca

2D Ni Nanoclusters on Ultrathin MgO/Ag(100)

(2020) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Jose Eduardo Barcelon, Marco Smerieri, Giovanni Carraro, Pawel Wojciechowski, Luca Vattuone, Mario Rocca,Silvia Nappini, Igor Pí?, Elena Magnano, Federica Bondino, Luca Vaghi, Antonio Papagni and Letizia Savio

Morphological characterization and electronicproperties of pristine and oxygen-exposedgraphene nanoribbons on Ag(110)

(2020) in Physical chemistry chemical physics (Online)
Stojkovska M.; Davi R.; Carraro G.; Smerieri M.; Lewandowski M.; Rocca M.; Vattuone L.; Savio L.

Vibrational fingerprint of the catalytically-active FeO2-x iron oxide phase on Pt(1 1 1)

(2020) in Applied surface science
Wang Y.; Carraro G.; Dawczak-Debicki H.; Synoradzki K.; Savio L.; Lewandowski M.

Reversible and irreversible structural changes in FeO/Ru(0 0 0 1) model catalyst subjected to atomic oxygen

(2020) in Applied surface science
Savio L.; Smerieri M.; Vattuone L.; Tosoni S.; Pacchioni G.; Rocca M.

Interface Oxygen Induced Internal Structures of Ultrathin MgO Islands Grown on Ag(100)

(2020) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Bracco G.; Smerieri M.; Savio L.

Self-assembly of organic molecules at metal surfaces

(2020) Springer Science+Business Media, Berlin, Heidelberg (Germania) in Springer Handbook of Surface Science, 2020
Smerieri, Marco; Pís, Igor; Ferrighi, Lara; Nappini, Silvia; Lusuan, Angelique; Vattuone, Luca; Vaghi, Luca; Papagni, Antonio; Magnano, Elena; Magnano, Elena; Di Valentin, Cristiana; Bondino, Federica; Savio, Letizia

Synthesis of corrugated C-based nanostructures by Br-corannulene oligomerization

(2018) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Rawal, Takat B.; Smerieri, Marco; Pal, Jagriti; Hong, Sampyo; Alatalo, Matti; Savio, Letizia; Vattuone, Luca; Rahman, Talat S.; Rocca, Mario

Deciphering complex features in STM images of O adatoms on Ag(110)

(2018) in Physical Review B
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