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Letizia Savio

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Istituto dei Materiali per l'Elettronica e il Magnetismo (Genova unit)

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche

Via Dodecaneso 33

Genova, IT.

Phone: +390103536292

Fax: +39 010 3536246



ResearcherID: B-8323-2015

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Savio L., L. Savio

Interest areas:

Molecule-surface interaction investigated with the methods of experimental surface science, in particular using photoemission and vibrational spectroscopy and low temperature STM. Recently the interst is focussed on the study of bio-films at surfaces and on the characterisation of the morphology and reactivity of utrathin oxide films (oxide and graphene layers) on metal substrates.

Research products

Carraro G.; Celasco E.; Smerieri M.; Savio L.; Bracco G.; Rocca M.; Vattuone L.

Chemisorption of CO on N-doped graphene on Ni(111)

(2018) in Applied surface science
Celasco, E.; Carraro, G.; Smerieri, M.; Savio, L.; Rocca, M.; Vattuone, L.

Influence of growing conditions on the reactivity of Ni supported graphene towards CO

(2017) in The Journal of chemical physics
Nappini, S.; Pis, I.; Carraro, G.; Celasco, E.; Smerieri, M.; Savio, L.; Magnano, E.; Bondino, F.

On-surface synthesis of different boron-nitrogen-carbon heterostructures from dimethylamine borane

(2017) in Carbon
Pal, Jagriti; Rawal, Takat B.; Smerieri, Marco; Hong, Sampyo; Alatalo, Matti; Savio, Letizia; Vattuone, Luca; Rahman, Talat S.; Rocca, Mario

Adatom Extraction from Pristine Metal Terraces by Dissociative Oxygen Adsorption: Combined STM and Density Functional Theory Investigation of O/Ag(110)

(2017) in Physical review letters (Print)
Smerieri M.;; Pis I.; Ferrighi L.; Nappini S.; Lusuan A.; Di Valentin C.; Vaghi L.; Papagni A.; Cattelan M.; Agnoli S.; Magnano E.; Bondino F.; Savio L:

Synthesis of graphene nanoribbons with a defined mixed edge-site sequence by surface assisted polymerization of (1,6)-dibromopyrene on Ag(110).

(2016) in Nanoscale (Print)
Celasco, E.; Carraro, G.; Lusuan, A.; Smerieri, M.; Pal, J.; Rocca, M.; Savio, L.; Vattuone, L.

CO chemisorption at vacancies of supported graphene films: a candidate for a sensor?

(2016) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Smerieri M.; Celasco E.; Carraro G.; Lusuan A.; Pal J.; Bracco G.; Rocca M.; Savio L.; Vattuone L.

Enhanced Chemical Reactivity of Pristine Graphene Interacting Strongly with a Substrate: Chemisorbed Carbon Monoxide on Graphene/Nickel(111)

(2015) in ChemCatChem (Internet)
M. Smerieri, J. Pal, L. Savio, L. Vattuone, R. Ferrando, S. Tosoni, L. Giordano, G. Pacchioni, M. Rocca

Spontaneous Oxidation of Ni Nanoclusters on MgO Monolayers Induced by Segregation of Interfacial Oxygen

(2015) in The journal of physical chemistry letters
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