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Giuseppina Mule'

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Laurea in Scienze Agrarie
Università degli Studi di Bari
Graduation date: 1986-07-22

Research products

Massimo Ferrara 1 ; Maria Federica Sgarro 2; Aristide Maggiolino 2; Sara Damiano 3,4 ; Francesco Iannaccone 5; Giuseppina Mulè 1 and Pasquale De Palo 2

Effect of Red Orange and Lemon Extract-Enriched Diet in Suckling Lambs' Fecal Microbiota

(2021) in Agriculture (Basel)
David M Geiser 1 , Abdullah Al-Hatmi 2 , Takayuki Aoki 3 , Tsutomu Arie 4 , Virgilio Balmas 5 , Irene Barnes 6 , Gary C Bergstrom 7 , M K K Bhattacharyya 8 , Cheryl L Blomquist 9 , Robert Bowden 10 11 , Balázs Brankovics 12 , Daren W Brown 13 , Lester William Burgess 14 15 , Kathryn Bushley 16 17 , Mark Busman 18 , José F Cano-Lira 19 , Joseph D Carrillo 20 , Hao-Xun Chang 21 , Chi-Yu Chen 22 23 , Wanquan Chen 24 , Martin I Chilvers 25 , Sofia Noemi Chulze 26 , Jeffrey J Coleman 27 , Christina A Cuomo 28 , Z Wilhelm de Beer 29 , G Sybren de Hoog 30 , Johanna Del Castillo-Múnera 31 , Emerson Del Ponte 32 , Javier Diéguez-Uribeondo 33 , Antonio Di Pietro 34 , Vérnonique Edel-Hermann 35 , Wade H Elmer 36 , Lynn Epstein 37 , Akif Eskalen 38 , Maria Carmela Esposto 39 40 , Kathryne L Everts 41 42 , Sylvia P Fernández-Pavía 43 , Gilvan Ferreira da Silva 44 , Nora A Foroud 45 , Gerda Fourie 46 , Rasmus J N Frandsen 47 , Stanley Freem...

Phylogenomic analysis of a 55.1 kb 19-gene dataset resolves a monophyletic Fusarium that includes the Fusarium solani Species Complex

(2021) in Phytopathology (Online)
Massimo Ferrara, Angelo Sisto, Giuseppina Mulè, Paola Lavermicocca and Palmira De Bellis

Metagenetic Analysis for Microbial Characterization of Focaccia Doughs Obtained by Using Two Different Starters

(2021) in Foods
Martina Loi, Alessandra Villani, Francesco Paciolla, Giuseppina Mulè, Costantino Paciolla

Challenges and Opportunities of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) as Key to Modulate Antioxidant Compounds in Plants. A Review

(2021) in Antioxidants
Oliva M.*; Calia C.*; Ferrara M.**; D'Addabbo P.*; Scrascia M.*; Mule G.**; Monno R.***; Pazzani C*.

Antimicrobial resistance gene shuffling and a three-element mobilisation system in the monophasic Salmonella typhimurium strain ST1030

(2020) in Plasmid (Print)
Massimo Ferrara, Miriam Haidukowski, Massimiliano D'Imperio, Angelo Parente, Elisabetta De Angelis, Linda Monaci, Antonio F. Logrieco, Giuseppina Mulè

New insight into microbial degradation of mycotoxins during anaerobic digestion

(2020) in Waste management (Elmsford)
Martina Loi, Silvana De Leonardis, Giuseppina Mule, Antonio F. Logrieco, Costantino Paciolla

A Novel and Potentially Multifaceted Dehydroascorbate Reductase Increasing the Antioxidant Systems Is Induced by Beauvericin in Tomato

(2020) in Antioxidants
Loi M, Paciolla C., Logrieco A.F., Mulé G

Plant Bioactive Compounds in Pre and Postharvest Management for Aflatoxins Reduction

(2020) in Frontiers in microbiology
Spanò R., Ferrara M., Montemurro C., Mulè G., Gallitelli D., Mascia T.

Grafting alters tomato transcriptome and enhances tolerance to an airborne virus infection

(2020) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Loi M.; Renaud J.B.; Rosini E.; Pollegioni L.; Vignali E.; Haidukowski M.; Sumarah M.W.; Logrieco A.F.; Mule G.

Enzymatic transformation of aflatoxin B1 by Rh_DypB peroxidase and characterization of the reaction products

(2020) in Chemosphere
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