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Giuseppe Chiazzese since 1991 has been worked at the Institute for Educational Technologies of the Italian National Research Council. His research concerns the study, design and development of teaching and learning environments, using ICT for supporting collaborative learning; defining new methods and technologies for web learning. He was in charge of several national and international research projects in the field of methodologies and technologies for learning. He was lecturer in Computer Science at the Biological Science Faculty, academic year 2001/2002. He was contract professor of different refresher courses for high school teachers in the field of ICT and teaching and learning processes on the Net. Recently was part of the research group of WHAAM "Web Health Application for Adhd Monitoring" funded by EU LLP - KA3 Multilateral projects where has participated to the designing and development of WHAAM application to support monitoring and intervention process on children behaviour with ADHD. He is actually engaged in the designing and development process of the "Behavioural management model across Europe" (BEHAVE - and "Behavioural Assessment to improve School Environment" (BASE - systems. Recently he collaborates with the University College of Dublin in the following research projects: ADHD Augmented ( European pilot project to study the effect of Augmented Reality in reading literacy educational processes in children with ADHD. FANTASIA - Erasmus+ KA2 Action Project Partner to study the effectiveness of an educational kit that uses augmented reality in stimulating the learning of scientific reasoning. Actually is engaged as Principal Investigator for ITD within the funded H2020 ARETE (Augmented Reality Interactive Educational System - project for the development of AR solution for Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS) with the aims to investigate the effect of the integration of AR in PBIS teaching and learning interventions processes within classroom settings.

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Chiazzese, G.; G. Chiazzese

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Methodologies and technologies for teaching and learning; Web learning; Web based educational tools; Cooperative learning; Computational Thinking; Computer in education; Evidence-based tools for monitoring teaching and learning tools; Positive Behaviour, Behavioural learning and design of evidence-based monitoring software tools; ADHD and Teaching and Learning tools; Educational Robotic; Coding and Computer Science Education; Augmented Reality for education;

Research products

Farella, M.; Arrigo, M.; Taibi, D.; Todaro, G.; Chiazzese, G. and Fulantelli, G.

ARLectio: An Augmented Reality Platform to Support Teachers in Producing Educational Resources

(2020) 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, 02/05/2020,04/05/2020
Tosto, C.; Chiazzese, G.; Fulantelli, G.; Taibi, D.; Devrim, O.; Uzum, H.

Perception of students, teachers and employers about competitiveness and innovativeness in vocational education and training. The European project "IceVET"

(2019) 11th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies (EDULEARN), Palma de Mallorca, 01-03/07/2019
Giuseppe Chiazzese , Eleni Mangina , Antonella Chifari , Gianluca Merlo , Rita Treacy, Crispino Tosto

The AHA Project: An Evidence-Based Augmented Reality Intervention for the Improvement of Reading and Spelling Skills in Children with ADHD

Giuseppe Chiazzese , Eleni Mangina , Antonella Chifari , (2019) Springer, Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London (Svizzera) in Games and Learning Alliance, 2019
Antonella Chifari, Gianluca Merlo, Giuseppe Chiazzese, Silvia Alves, Sebastian Bilanin, Isabella Giammusso, Nicola Lo Savio, Colin McGee, Melanie van Oort-Hall

BEHAVE: a tool to support the application of Functional Behavioural Difficulties in school setting

(2019) ICCA 2019 - 3rd International Conference on Childhood and Adolescence, Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda, Porto Portugal, 23-25 January 2019
Giuseppe Chiazzese, Giovanni Fulantelli, Vito Pipitone, Davide Taibi

Engaging Primary School Children in Computational Thinking: Designing and Developing Videogames

(2018) in Education in the knowledge society
Merlo, Gianluca; Chiazzese, Giuseppe; Taibi, Davide; Chifari, Antonella

Development and Validation of a Functional Behavioural Assessment Ontology to Support Behavioural Health Interventions

(2018) in JMIR. Journal of medical internet research
Chiazzese G.; Arrigo M.; Chifari A.; Lonati V.; Tosto C.

Exploring the effect of a robotics laboratory on computational thinking skills in primary school children using the Bebras tasks

(2018) TEEM'18 Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality, Salamanca, Spain, 24-26/10/2018
G. Chiazzese, A. Chifari, G. Merlo, E. Mariscalco, A. Mirisola, I. Giammusso, O. Di Giuseppe, P. Denaro, D. Taibi, L. Seta, S. Boca


(2018) 11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation, Seville, Spain, 12-14 November, 2018
E. Mangina, G. Chiazzese, T. Hasegawa

AHA: ADHD Augmented (Learning Environment)

(2018) 2018 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning for Engineering (TALE), Wollongon, NSW Australia, 4-7/12/2018
Giuseppe Chiazzese, Antonella Chifari, Gianluca Merlo, Crispino Tosto, Rita Treacy, Tomonori Hasegawa

A pilot project for evaluating the effect of Augmented Reality in the reading and spelling skills for children with ADHD

(2018) , 2018
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