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Research products

Ghezzi B.; Lagonegro P.; Attolini G.; Rotonda P.M.; Cornelissen C.; Ponraj J.S.; Parisi L.; Passeri G.; Rossi F.; Macaluso G.M.

Hydrogen plasma treatment confers enhanced bioactivity to silicon carbide-based nanowires promoting osteoblast adhesion

(2021) in Materials science & engineering. C, Biomimetic materials, sensors and systems (Print)
F Finetti; E Cavalli; G Attolini; F Rossi

Synthesis mechanism of SiC-SiO2 core/shell nanowires grown by chemical vapor deposition

(2020) in Nano express
Massimo Solzi; Francesco Cugini; Nicola Sarzi Amadé; Cesare Frigeri; Giovanni Attolini; Nahida N. Musayeva; Asgar Huseynov; Sevda H. Abdullayeva; Chingiz A. Sultanov

High-temperature magnetic coercivity of CNTs filled with multi-phase Febased nanoparticles

(2020) in Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials
Marquez, G.; Sagredo, V; Guillen-Guillen, R.; Attolini, G.; Bolzoni, F.

Calcination effects on the crystal structure and magnetic properties of CoFe2O4 nanopowders synthesized by the coprecipitation method

(2020) in Revista mexicana de física
Solzi, M.; Pernechele, C.; Attolini, G.; Delgado, G.E.; Sagredo, V.

Magnetic ordering of Mn2GeS4 single crystals with olivine structure

(2020) in Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials
Matteo Bosi, Marco Negri, and Giovanni Attolini

Cubic Silicon Carbide Thin Films Deposition (3C-SIC Films)

(2020) in Topological Nanochemistry, 2020
Marco Negri, Giovanni Attolini, Paola Lagonegro, and Matteo Bosi

Silicon Carbide Nanowires

(2020) in Topological Nanochemistry, 2020
Giovanni Attolini, Matteo Bosi, and Marco Negri

Vapour Phase Epitaxy

(2020) in Topological Nanochemistry, 2020
G. Attolini,1 M. Bosi1, M. Negri1, P. Lagonegro1, P. M. Rotonda2, C. Cornelissen2, T. Rimoldi3, B.Ghezzi4, J.S.Ponraj5



Synthesis of core-shell SiC/SiO2 Nanowires: experimental studies on the different steps of the growth

(2019) Nanotechnology & Materials Science, Amsterdam, 24-26/04/2019
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