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Francesco Cordero (1) , Floriana Craciun (1), Francesco Trequattrini (2,1), Patrizia Imperatori (3), Anna Maria Paoletti (3), and Giovanna Pennesi (3)

Competition between Polar and Antiferrodistortive Modes and Correlated Dynamics of the Methylammonium Molecules in MAPbI3 from Anelastic and Dielectric Measurements

(2018) in The journal of physical chemistry letters
Zanotti, G. and Angelini, N. and Mattioli, G. and Paoletti, A. M. and Pennesi, G. and Rossi, G. and Caschera, D. and de Marco, L. and Gigli, G.

Reply to the 'Comment on "Metal-organic green dye: chemical and physical insight into a modified Zn-benzoporphyrin for dye-sensitized solar cells"'

(2018) in RSC advances
Doria, Sandra and Lapini, Andrea and Di Donato, Mariangela and Righini, Roberto and Azzaroli, Nicol? and Iagatti, Alessandro and Caram, Justin R. and Sinclair, Timothy S. and Cupellini, Lorenzo and Jurinovich, Sandro and Mennucci, Benedetta and Zanotti, Gloria and Paoletti, Anna Maria and Pennesi, Giovanna and Foggi, Paolo

Understanding the influence of disorder on the exciton dynamics and energy transfer in Zn-phthalocyanine H-aggregates

(2018) in Physical chemistry chemical physics (Online)
Mattioli Giuseppe, Larciprete Rosanna, Alippi Paola, Amore Bonapasta Aldo, Filippone Francesco , Lacovig Paolo , Lizzit Silvano, Paoletti Anna Maria, Pennesi Giovanna, Ronci Fabio, ZanottiGloria, Colonna, Stefano.

Unexpected Rotamerism at the Origin of a Chessboard Supramolecular Assembly of Ruthenium Phthalocyanine

(2017) in Chemistry - A European Journal
Alippi P.; Lanzilotto V.; Paoletti A.M.; Mattioli G.; Zanotti G.; Pennesi G.; Filippone F.; Cossaro A.; Verdini A.; Morgante A.; Amore Bonapasta A.

A Ru-Ru pair housed in ruthenium phthalocyanine: The role of a "cage" architecture in the molecule coupling with the Ag(111) surface

(2017) in PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print)
Zanotti, Gloria and Angelini, Nicola and Mattioli, Giuseppe and Notarantonio, Sara and Paoletti, Anna Maria and Pennesi, Giovanna and Rossi, Gentilina and Caschera, Daniela and De Marco, Luisa and Gigli, Giuseppe

Modifications of an unsymmetrical phthalocyanine: Towards stable blue dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells

(2016) in Journal of porphyrins and phthalocyanines (Online)
ZANOTTI GLORIA , Angelini Nicola , Mattioli Giuseppe and Paoletti Anna Maria and Pennesi Giovanna and Rossi Gentilina and Caschera Daniela and De Marco Luisa and Gigli Giuseppe

Metal-Organic Green Dye: Chemical and Physical Insight Into a Modified Zn-Benzoporphyrin for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

(2016) in RSC advances
P. Alippi, V. Lanzilotto, A. M. Paoletti, G. Mattioli, G. Zanotti, G. Pennesi, F. Filippone, A. Cossaro, A. Verdini, A. Morgante, A. Amore Bonapasta

Ru-Ru Pair Housed in the Ruthenium Phthalocyanine: Role of a ``Cage'' Architecture in the Molecule Coupling with the Ag(111) Surface

(2016) in Physical chemistry chemical physics (Online)
Gloria Zanotti(a), Quinn Burlingame(b), Laura Ciammaruchi(c), Eugene A. Katz(d),e, Stephen R. Forrest(b,f,g) Nicola Angelini(a), Partizia Imperatori(a), Giuseppe Mattioli(a), Sara Notarantonio(a), Anna Maria Paoletti(a), Giovanna Pennesi(a), Daniela Caschera(h), Luisa De Marco(i), Giuseppe Gigli(j)

some "small" molecules applications in photovoltaics

Gloria Zanotti(a), Quinn Burlingame(b), Laura Ciammaruchi(c), Eugene A. Katz(d),e, Stephen R. Forrest(b,f,g) (2016) 20th Sede Boquer symposium on solar energy production, Sede Boquer, Israele, 26/09/2016, 28/09/2016
Iagatti, Alessandro; Doria, Sandra; Marcelli, Agnese; Angelini, Nicola; Notarantonio, Sara; Paoletti, Anna Maria; Pennesi, Giovanna; Rossi, Gentilina; Zanotti, Gloria; Calogero, Giuseppe; Foggi, Paolo

Photophysical Processes Occurring in a Zn-phthalocyanine in Ethanol Solution and on TiO2 Nanostructures

(2015) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
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