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Research products

Bustos, Emilce; Arnosio, Marcelo; Báez, Walter; Norini, Gianluca; Suzaño, Néstor Omar; Viramonte, José Germán

Geomorphological evolution of the Chimpa stratovolcano in the back-arc region of the Central Andes

(2020) in Geomorphology (Amst.)
Loer, K. and Toledo, T. and Norini, G. and Zhang, X. and Curtis, A. and Saenger, E.H.

Imaging the deep structures of los humeros geothermal field, Mexico, using three-component seismic noise beamforming

(2020) in Seismological research letters
Báez, Walter; de Silva, Shanaka; Chiodi, Agostina; Bustos, Emilce; Giordano, Guido; Arnosio, Marcelo; Suzaño, Nestor; Viramonte, José Germán; Norini, Gianluca; Groppelli, Gianluca

Pulsating flow dynamics of sustained, forced pyroclastic density currents: insights from a facies analysis of the Campo de la Piedra Pómez ignimbrite, southern Puna, Argentina

(2020) in Bulletin of volcanology (Print)
Filipovich, R. and Baez, W. and Groppelli, G. and Ahumada, F. and Aldega, L. and Becchio, R. and Berardi, G. and Bigi, S. and Caricchi, C. and Chiodi, A. and Corrado, S. and De Astis, G. and De Benedetti, A.A. and Invernizzi, C. and Norini, G. and Soligo, M. and Taviani, S. and Viramonte, J.G. and Giordano, G.

Geological map of the tocomar basin (puna plateau, NW argentina). Implication for the geothermal system investigation

(2020) in Energies (Basel)
Norini, Gianluca; Bustos, Emilce; Arnosio, Marcelo; Baez, Walter; Zuluaga, Maria Clara; Roverato, Matteo

Unusual volcanic instability and sector collapse configuration at Chimpa volcano, central Andes

(2020) in Journal of volcanology and geothermal research
Corbo-Camargo, Fernando; Arzate, Jorge; Fregoso, Emilia; Norini, Gianluca; Carrasco-Núñez, Gerardo; Yutsis, Vsevolod; Herrera, Juan; Hernández, Javier

Shallow structure of Los Humeros (LH) caldera and geothermal reservoir from magnetotellurics and potential field data

(2020) in Geophysical journal international (Print)
Bustos, Emilce; Simón, Valeria; Arnosio, Marcelo; Norini, Gianluca; Ducart, Diego Fernando; Suzaño, Néstor

The hydrothermal system associated with Miocene Chimpa volcano, Central Andes. Implications on potential mineralization

(2020) in Journal of South American earth sciences
Massaro, Silvia; Sulpizio, Roberto; Norini, Gianluca; Groppelli, Gianluca; Costa, Antonio; Capra, Lucia; Lo Zupone, Giacomo; Porfido, Michele; Gabrieli, Andrea

Analysing stress field conditions of the Colima Volcanic Complex (Mexico) by integrating finite-element modelling (FEM) simulations and geological data

(2020) in Solid earth (Gött., Print)
Norini G., Carrasco-Núñez G., Corbo-Camargo F., Lermo J., Hernández Rojas J., Castro C., Bonini M., Montanari D., Corti G., Moratti G., Piccardi L., Chavez G., Zuluaga M.C., Ramirez M., Cedillo F.

The structural architecture of the Los Humeros volcanic complex and geothermal field

(2019) in Journal of volcanology and geothermal research
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