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Gianangelo Bracco

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Research products

Smerieri M.; Celasco E.; Carraro G.; Lusuan A.; Pal J.; Bracco G.; Rocca M.; Savio L.; Vattuone L.

Enhanced Chemical Reactivity of Pristine Graphene Interacting Strongly with a Substrate: Chemisorbed Carbon Monoxide on Graphene/Nickel(111)

(2015) in ChemCatChem (Internet)
Eder, S. D.; Bracco, G.; Kaltenbacher, T.; Holst, B.

Two Dimensional Imaging of the Virtual Source of a Supersonic Beam: Helium at 125 K

(2014) in The journal of physical chemistry. A
Albayrak, Erol; Karabuga, Semistan; Bracco, Gianangelo; Danisman, M. Fatih

11-Hydroxyundecyl octadecyl disulfide self-assembled monolayers on Au(111)

(2014) in Applied surface science
Eder, S. D.; Samelin, B.; Bracco, G.; Ansperger, K.; Holst, B.

A free jet (supersonic), molecular beam source with automatized, 50 nm precision nozzle-skimmer positioning

(2013) in Review of scientific instruments
Vattuone, Luca; Bracco, Gianangelo; Smerieri, Marco; Savio, Letizia; Rocca, Mario

Supersonic Molecular Beams Studies of Surfaces

(2013) in , 2013
S. D. Eder, T. Reisinger, M. M. Greve, G. Bracco and B. Holst

Focusing of a neutral helium beam below one micron

(2012) in New journal of physics
E. Mete, I. Demirog?lu, E. Albayrak, G. Bracco, S?. Ellialt?og?lu, and M. F. Dan?s?man

Influence of Steps on the Tilting and Adsorption Dynamics of Ordered Pentacene Films on Vicinal Ag(111) Surfaces

(2012) in Journal of physical chemistry. C
Thomas Reisinger, Martin M. Greve, Sabrina D. Eder, Gianangelo Bracco, and Bodil Holst

Brightness and virtual source size of a supersonic deuterium beam

(2012) in Physical review. A
Bracco, Gianangelo

Comparison of quadrupole mass filters with hyperbolic and cylindrical rods working in the third stability zone

(2011) in International journal of mass spectrometry (Print)
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