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Gabriele Schino

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Research products

Schino G.; Aureli F.

The role of affect in cooperation: How to test the emotional bookkeeping hypothesis

(2021) in Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews
Schino, Gabriele; Boggiani, Ludovica; Mortelliti, Arianna; Pinzaglia, Marta; Addessi, Elsa

Testing the two sides of indirect reciprocity in tufted capuchin monkeys

(2021) in Behavioural processes (Print)
Schino G.; Carducci P.; Truppa V.

Attention to social stimuli is modulated by sex and exposure time in tufted capuchin monkeys

(2020) in Animal behaviour (Print)
Schino G.; De Angelis F.

Conflict over grooming topography between mandrill groomers and groomees

(2020) in Behavioural processes (Print)
Schino, Gabriele; Scerbo, Martina

Monitoring of group mates in relation to their behavior in mandrills

(2020) in American journal of primatology (Online)
Ferrario V.; Addessi E.; Schino G.

The motivations underlying food sharing in tufted capuchin monkey (Sapajus spp.)

(2020) Animal Behaviour Live: Annual Online Conference, 20-21/08/2020
Carter, Gerald G.; Schino, Gabriele; Farine, Damien

Challenges in assessing the roles of nepotism and reciprocity in cooperation networks

(2019) in Animal behaviour (Print)
Aureli, Filippo; Schino, Gabriele

Social complexity from within: how individuals experience the structure and organization of their groups

(2019) in Behavioral ecology and sociobiology (Print)
Balasubramaniam, Krishna N.; Beisner, Brianne A.; Berman, Carol M.; De Marco, Arianna; Duboscq, Julie; Koirala, Sabina; Majolo, Bonaventura; MacIntosh, Andrew J.; McFarland, Richard; Molesti, Sandra; Ogawa, Hideshi; Petit, Odile; Schino, Gabriele; Sosa, Sebastian; Sueur, Cedric; Thierry, Bernard; de Waal, Frans B. M.; McCowan, Brenda

The influence of phylogeny, social style, and sociodemographic factors on macaque social network structure

(2018) in American journal of primatology (Online)
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