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Pattini, F., Rampino, S., Mezzadri, F., Calestani, D., Spaggiari, G., Sidoli, M., Delmonte, D., Sala, A., Gilioli, E., Mazzer, M.

Role of the substrates in the ribbon orientation of Sb2Se3 films grown by Low-Temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition

(2020) in Solar energy materials and solar cells
Davide Delmonte, Francesco Mezzadri, Giulia Spaggiari, Stefano Rampino, Francesco Pattini, Danilo Bersani, Edmondo Gilioli

Metastable (CuAu-type) CuInS2 Phase: High-Pressure Synthesis and Structure Determination

(2020) in Inorganic chemistry (Online)
Delmonte, D.; Manfredi, R.; Calestani, D.; Mezzadri, F.; Righi, L.; Mazzer, M.; Pattini, F.; Rampino, S.; Spaggiari, G.; Gilioli, E.

An affordable method to produce CuInS2 'mechano-targets' for film deposition

(2020) in Semiconductor science and technology (Print)
Rampino S.; Pattini F.; Bronzoni M.; Mazzer M.; Sidoli M.; Spaggiari G.; Gilioli E.

CuSbSe2 thin film solar cells with ~4% conversion efficiency grown by low-temperature pulsed electron deposition

(2018) in Solar energy materials and solar cells
Zanettini S.; Pattini F.; Amade N.S.; Sidoli M.; Zambelli N.; Benassi G.; Bettelli M.; Rampino S.; Gilioli E.; Protti N.; Fatemi S.; Zappettini A.

Al2O3 Coating as Passivation Layer for CZT-based Detectors

(2018) 2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (NSS/MIC), Sidney (AU), 10-17/11/2018
Cavallari N.; Pattini F.; Rampino S.; Annoni F.; Barozzi M.; Bronzoni M.; Gilioli E.; Gombia E.; Maragliano C.; Mazzer M.; Pepponi G.; Spaggiari G.; Fornari R.

Low temperature deposition of bifacial CIGS solar cells on Al-doped Zinc Oxide back contacts

(2017) in Applied surface science
Mazzer M.; Rampino S.; Spaggiari G.; Annoni F.; Bersani D.; Bissoli F.; Bronzoni M.; Calicchio M.; Gombia E.; Kingma A.; Pattini F.; Gilioli E.

Bifacial CIGS solar cells grown by Low Temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition

(2017) in Solar energy materials and solar cells
Mazzer M.; Rampino S.; Gombia E.; Bronzoni M.; Bissoli F.; Pattini F.; Calicchio M.; Kingma A.; Annoni F.; Calestani D.; Cavallari N.; Vijayan, V. T.; Lomascolo M.; Creti A.; Gilioli E.

Progress on Low-Temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition of CuInGaSe2 Solar Cells

(2016) in Energies (Basel)
Rampino S.; Bronzoni M.; Colace L.; Frigeri P.; Gombia E.; Maragliano C.; Mezzadri F.; Nasi L.; Seravalli L.; Pattini F.; Trevisi G.; Motapothula M.; Venkatesan T.; Gilioli E.

Low-temperature growth of single-crystal Cu(In,Ga)Se2 films by pulsed electron deposition technique

(2015) in Solar energy materials and solar cells
S. Rampino, F. Annoni, M. Bronzoni, M. Calicchio, E. Gombia, M. Mazzer, F. Pattini, E. Gilioli

Joule heating-assisted growth of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells

(2015) in Journal of renewable and sustainable energy (Online)
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