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Research products

Campesato R.; Greco E.; Mezzetti A.; Di Fonzo F.; Bissoli F.; Di Mezza A.

Effective Coating for High Efficiency Triple Junction Solar Cells

(2019) European Space Power Conference (ESPC), Juan-les-Pins, FRANCE, SEP 30-OCT 04, 2019
Gilioli, Edmondo; Albonetti, Cristiano; Bissoli, Francesco; Bronzoni, Matteo; Ciccarelli, Pasquale; Rampino, Stefano; Verucchi, Roberto

CIGS-Based Flexible Solar Cells

(2019) Springer Nature Switzerland, Basel (Svizzera) in FACTORIES OF THE FUTURE: THE ITALIAN FLAGSHIP INITIATIVE, 2019
Mazzer M.; Rampino S.; Spaggiari G.; Annoni F.; Bersani D.; Bissoli F.; Bronzoni M.; Calicchio M.; Gombia E.; Kingma A.; Pattini F.; Gilioli E.

Bifacial CIGS solar cells grown by Low Temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition

(2017) in Solar energy materials and solar cells
Mazzer M.; Rampino S.; Gombia E.; Bronzoni M.; Bissoli F.; Pattini F.; Calicchio M.; Kingma A.; Annoni F.; Calestani D.; Cavallari N.; Vijayan, V. T.; Lomascolo M.; Creti A.; Gilioli E.

Progress on Low-Temperature Pulsed Electron Deposition of CuInGaSe2 Solar Cells

(2016) in Energies (Basel)
Dhanabalan, Sathish Chander; Garcia, John Paul; Calestani, Davide; Pattini, Francesco; Bissoli, F.; Villani, Marco; Rampino, Stefano; Zappettini, Andrea

Controllable vapor phase growth of vertically aligned ZnO nanorods on TCO/Glass substrates

(2014) in Crystal Research and Technology
F. Pattini, M. Bronzoni, F. Mezzadri, F. Bissoli, E. Gilioli and S. Rampino

Dynamics of evaporation from CuGaSe2 targets in pulsed electron deposition technique

(2013) in Journal of physics. D, Applied physics (Print)
S. Rampino, F. Bissoli, E. Gilioli and F. Pattini

Growth of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin films by a novel single-stage route based on pulsed electron deposition

(2013) in Progress in photovoltaics (Online)
Rampino S., Armani N., Bissoli F., Bronzoni M., Calestani D., Calicchio M., Delmonte N., Gilioli E., Gombia E., Mosca R., Nasi L., Pattini F., Zappettini A., Mazzer M.

15% efficient Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells obtained by low-temperature pulsed electron deposition

(2012) in Applied physics letters
Calestani Davide; Pattini Francesco; Bissoli Francesco; Gilioli Edmondo; Villani Marco; Zappettini Andrea

Solution-free and catalyst-free synthesis of ZnO-based nanostructured TCOs by PED and vapor phase growth techniques

(2012) in Nanotechnology (Bristol. Print)
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