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Franca Albertini

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Senior Researcher at the Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism (IMEM) of the National Research Council (CNR) and Leader of the Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials (Mat Fun) Group. President of the Italian Magnetism Association (AIMagn).

Interest areas:

-Magnetic and multiferroic materials for low-carbon technologies: materials for magnetic refrigeration, permanent magnets, magnetic shape memory materials. -Nanomagnetism for information and communication technology (memories, sensors) and nanomedicine.


Phone: +39-0521-269205
Address: IMEM-CNR Parco Area delle Scienze 37/a - 43124 Parma

Research products

Takhsha Ghahfarokhi M.; Casoli F.; Fabbrici S.; Nasi L.; Celegato F.; Cabassi R.; Trevisi G.; Bertoni G.; Calestani D.; Tiberto P.; Albertini F.

Martensite-enabled magnetic flexibility: The effects of post-growth treatments in magnetic-shape-memory Heusler thin films

(2020) in Acta materialia
Milad Takhsha Ghahfarokh; Lucia Nasi; Francesca Casoli; Simone Fabbrici; Giovanna Trevisi; Riccardo Cabassi; Franca Albertini

Following the Martensitic Configuration Footprints in the Transition Route of Ni-Mn-Ga Magnetic Shape Memory Films: Insight into the Role of Twin Boundaries and Interfaces

(2020) in Materials (Basel)
Puglielli F.; Mussi V.; Cugini F.; Sarzi Amade N.; Solzi M.; Bennati C.; Fabbrici S.; Albertini F.

Scale-Up of Magnetocaloric NiCoMnIn Heuslers by Powder Metallurgy for Room Temperature Magnetic Refrigeration

(2020) in Frontiers in energy research
Cavazzini G.; Cugini F.; Gruner M.E.; Bennati C.; Righi L.; Fabbrici S.; Albertini F.; Solzi M.

Tuning the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of austenitic Ni-Mn-(In,Sn)Heuslers

(2019) in Scripta materialia
Zullino, Sara; Argenziano, Monica; Ansari, Shoeb; Ciprian, Roberta; Nasi, Lucia; Albertini, Franca; Cavalli, Roberta; Guiot, Caterina

Superparamagnetic Oxygen-Loaded Nanobubbles to Enhance Tumor Oxygenation During Hyperthermia

(2019) in Frontiers in Pharmacology
Durgamadhab Mishra, Marian Stingaciu, Anna Zink Eikeland, Riccardo Cabassi, Fulvio Bolzoni, Michele Petrecca, Blaz Belec, Franca Albertini, Claudio Sangregorio, Mogens Christensen, Stefano Deledda, César De Julián Fernández

Study of the high-coercivity of the Al and Cr doped Strontium hexaferrites

(2019) 10th Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Svezia, 23-3/9/2019
C. de Julián Fernández, D. Mishra, R. Cabassi, F. Bolzoni, M. Petrecca M. Albino, M. Saura-Múzquiz, P. Jenus, A. Quesada, M. Christensen, T. Schliesch, B. Belec, C. Sangregorio and F. Albertini

Magnetic Anisotropy of Strontium Ferrite nanoparticles

(2019) 10th International Conference on Fine Particle Magnetism, Gijon (Spain), 27-31/5/2019
D. Mishra, R. Cabassi, M. Petrecca,d, M. Albino, M. Saura-Múzquiz, P. Jenus , A. Quesada, M. Christensen, T. Schliesch , F. Albertini, C. Sangregorio, C. de Julián Fernández

Magnetic behaviour of single-domain and multi-domain Strontium ferrite particles

(2019) 6th Italian Conference on Magnetism MAGNET 2019, Messina (Italia), 30/1/2019- 1/2/2019
F. Casoli, M. Takhsha Ghahfarokhi, S. Fabbrici, L. Nasi, G. Trevisi, R. Cabassi, F. Celegato, P. Tiberto, F. Albertini

Engineering the microstructure of ferromagnetic shape memory thin films by post growth treatments

(2019) Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2019, Uppsala, Sweden, 26-30/8/2019
F. Casoli, M. Takhsha Ghahfarokhi, S. Fabbrici, L. Nasi, R. Cabassi, F. Celegato, G. Barrera, P. Tiberto, M. Campanini, G. Varvaro, F. Albertini

Tuning magnetism and functional properties in ferromagnetic shape memory films and nanodisks

(2019) Magnet 2019 - 6th Italian Conference on Magnetism, Messina, Italy, 30/1/2019 - 1/2/2019
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