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Fabio Fiorentino

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Fabio Fiorentino, fishery biologist, PhD in marine environmental science, senior researcher of Institute for Marine Biological Resources and Biotechnologies (IRBIM) of Italian National Research Council (CNR) at Mazara del Vallo (Italy). Specialist in biology and ecology of fishery resources and strategies for the sustainable exploitation of marine renewable resources. Responsible of research projects on fishery data collection, stock assessment and management of fishery resources in the Mediterranean. Member of national and international working groups dealing with sustainable fishing strategies. Coordinator of the Sub Committee on Stock Assessment of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) of the General Fisheries Commission of the Mediterranean (GFCM) from 2010 to 2013. Italian National Focal Point for the FAO Regional Project MedSudMed. Author of 90 scientific papers in ISI journals and several articles and technical reports on Mediterranean fisheries.

Interest areas:

Fishery biology and ecology


Mobile: +393346555182
Skype: f.fiorentino
Address: CNR iRBIM via L. Vaccara 61 90126 Mazara del Vallo (TP) Italia

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WoS Researcher ID: AAX-2883-2020


Google Scholar H-Index: 28
Scopus H-Index: 23
ISI-WoS H-Index: 23


Dottorato di Ricerca in Scienze ambientali - Scienza del Mare
Università degli studi di Genova

laurea in scienze biologiche
Università degli studi di Genova


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Research products

Milisenda, Giacomo; Garofalo, Germana; Fiorentino, Fabio; Colloca, Francesco; Maynou, Francesc; Ligas, Alessandro; Musumeci, Claudia; Bentes, Luís; Gonçalves, Jorge M.S.; Erzini, Karim; Russo, Tommaso; D'Andrea, Lorenzo; Vitale, Sergio

Identifying Persistent Hot Spot Areas of Undersized Fish and Crustaceans in Southern European Waters: Implication for Fishery Management Under the Discard Ban Regulation

(2021) in Frontiers in Marine Science
Despoti, Smaragda; Milisenda, Giacomo; Ligas, Alessandro; Bentes, Luis; Maynou, Francesc; Vitale, Sergio; Garofalo, Germana; Sbrana, Mario; Erzini, Karim; Tserpes, George; Tsagarakis, Konstantinos; Maina, Irida; Pyrounaki, Maria Myrto; Papadopoulou, Nadia; Machias, Athanassios; Colloca, Francesco; Fiorentino, Fabio; Stergiou, Konstantinos I.; Giannoulaki, Marianna

Marine spatial closures as a supplementary tool to reduce discards in bottom trawl fisheries: Examples from southern European waters

(2020) in Fisheries research
Falsone, Fabio; Scannella, Danilo; Geraci, Michele Luca; Vitale, Sergio; Sardo, Giacomo; Fiorentino, Fabio

Further records of Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun, 1896) (Decapoda, Brachyura, Portunidae) in the Strait of Sicily

(2020) in Marine biodiversity records
Falsone, F.; Scannella, D.; Geraci, M. L.; Vitale, S.; Colloca, F.; Di Maio, F.; Milisenda, G.; Gancitano, V.; Bono, G.; Fiorentino, F.

Identification and characterization of trammel net métiers: A case study from the southwestern Sicily (Central Mediterranean)

(2020) in Regional Studies in Marine Science
Mangano M.C.; Mieszkowska N.; Helmuth B.; Domingos T.; Sousa T.; Baiamonte G.; Bazan G.; Cuttitta A.; Fiorentino F.; Giacoletti A.; Johnson M.; Lucido G.D.; Marcelli M.; Martellucci R.; Mirto S.; Patti B.; Pranovi F.; Williams G.A.; Sara G.

Moving Toward a Strategy for Addressing Climate Displacement of Marine Resources: A Proof-of-Concept

(2020) in Frontiers in Marine Science
Garofalo, G.; Quattrocchi, F.; Bono, G.; Di Lorenzo, M.; Di Maio, F.; Falsone, F.; Gancitano, V; Geraci, M. L.; Lauria, V; Massi, D.; Scannella, D.; Titone, A.; Fiorentino, F.

What is in our seas? Assessing anthropogenic litter on the seafloor of the central Mediterranean Sea

(2020) in Environmental pollution (1987)
Bordogna, Gloria; Carrara, Paola; Ceresi, Andrea; Fugazza, Cristiano; Lella, Simone; Oggioni, Alessandro; Pavesi, Fabio; Tagliolato, Paolo; Zilioli, Martina

Banca dati FishDataNet (attuazione del Data Collection Framework)

Bordogna, Gloria; Carrara, Paola; Ceresi, Andrea; Fugazza, Cristiano; Lella, Simone; Oggioni, Alessandro; Pavesi, Fabio; Tagliolato, Paolo; Zilioli, Martina

Sito web del sistema FishDataNet (attuazione del Data Collection Framework)

Quattrocchi G.; Sinerchia M.; Colloca F.; Fiorentino F.; Garofalo G.; Cucco A.

Hydrodynamic controls on connectivity of the high commercial value shrimp Parapenaeus longirostris (Lucas, 1846) in the Mediterranean Sea

(2019) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Franceschini S.; Mattei F.; D'Andrea L.; Di Nardi A.; Fiorentino F.; Garofalo G.; Scardi M.; Cataudella S.; Russo T.

Rummaging through the bin: Modelling marine litter distribution using Artificial Neural Networks

(2019) in Marine pollution bulletin.
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