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Research products

Dubecky F.; Zatko B.; Kolesar V.; Kindl D.; Hubik P.; Gombia E.; Dubecky M.

Charge collection efficiency of Pt vs. Mg contacts on semi-insulating GaAs

(2019) in Applied surface science
S Golovynskyi;O I Datsenko;L Seravalli;S V Kondratenko;O Kulinichenko;G Trevisi;P Frigeri;E Gombia;I Golovynska;Baikui Li;Junle Qu

Kinetics peculiarities of photovoltage in vertical metamorphic InAs/InGaAs quantum dot structures

(2019) in Semiconductor science and technology (Print)
Pavesi, M.; Fabbri, F.; Boschi, F.; Piacentini, G.; Baraldi, A.; Bosi, M.; Gombia, E.; Parisini, A.; Fornari, R.

epsilon-Ga2O3 epilayers as a material for solar-blind UV photodetectors

(2018) in Materials chemistry and physics (Print)
Fornari R.; Pavesi M.; Montedoro V.; Klimm D.; Mezzadri F.; Cora I.; Pecz B.; Boschi F.; Parisini A.; Baraldi A.; Ferrari C.; Gombia E.; Bosi M.

Thermal stability of έ-Ga2O3 polymorph

(2017) in Acta materialia
Golovynskyi S.; Seravalli L.; Datsenko O.; Trevisi G.; Frigeri P.; Gombia E.; Golovynska I.; Kondratenko S.V.; Qu J.; Ohulchanskyy T.Y.

Comparative Study of Photoelectric Properties of Metamorphic InAs/InGaAs and InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Structures

(2017) in Nanoscale research letters (Print)
Frigeri, Paola; Seravalli, Luca; Calicchio, Marco; Gombia, Enos; Trevisi, Giovanna

Deviation from Regular Shape in the Early Stages of Formation of Strain-Driven 3D InGaAs/GaAs Micro/Nanotubes

(2017) in Journal of Nanomaterials (Print)
Golovynskyi S.; Seravalli L.; Datsenko O.; Kozak O.; Kondratenko S.V.; Trevisi G.; Frigeri P.; Gombia E.; Lavoryk S.R.; Golovynska I.; Ohulchanskyy T.Y.; Qu J.

Bipolar Effects in Photovoltage of Metamorphic InAs/InGaAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Heterostructures: Characterization and Design Solutions for Light-Sensitive Devices

(2017) in Nanoscale research letters (Online)
Dubecky F.; Kindl D.; Hubik P.; Micusik M.; Dubecky M.; Bohacek P.; Vanko G.; Gombia E.; Necas V.; Mudron J.

A comparative study of Mg and Pt contacts on semi-insulating GaAs: Electrical and XPS characterization

(2017) in Applied surface science
R Fornari, M Pavesi, V Montedoro, D Klimm, Francesco Mezzadri, Ildikó Cora, Béla Pécz, F Boschi, A Parisini, A Baraldi, C Ferrari, E Gombia, M Bosi

Thermal stability of ?-Ga2O3 polymorph

(2017) in Acta materialia
Nicholas Cavallari, Francesco Pattini, Stefano Rampino, Filippo Annoni, Mario Barozzi, Matteo Bronzoni, Edmondo Gilioli, Enos Gombia, Carlo Maragliano, Massimo Mazzer, Giancarlo Pepponi, Giulia Spaggiari, Roberto Fornari

Low temperature deposition of bifacial CIGS solar cells on Al-doped Zinc Oxide back contacts

(2017) in Applied surface science
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