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Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Institute of Animal Production Systems in Mediterranean Environments (ISPAAM), Rome, Italy C.T.E.R VI Livello Professionale

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Research products

Cristina Rossetti, Angela Perucatti, Filomena Mottola, Domenico Incarnato, Viviana Genualdo

Genetic investigation for the characterization of three indigenous pig breeds of southern Italy: advantages and prospects

(2021) in Animal Science Papers and Reports
Viviana Genualdo, Cristina Rossetti, Alfredo Pauciullo, Musilova Petra, Domenico Incarnato, Angela Perucatti

A De Novo Reciprocal Chromosomal Translocation t(3;6)(p14;q26) in the Black Lucano Pig

(2020) in Reproduction in domestic animals (1990)
Iannuzzi, Alessandra; Genualdo, Viviana; Perucatti, Angela; Rossetti, Cristina; Incarnato, Domenico; Caputi-Jambrenghi, Anna; Colonna, M. A.; Giannico, Francesco; Iannuzzi, Leopoldo

Cytogenetic and genomic assays in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis, 2n=50) cows raised in urban and rural areas

(2019) 12th European Cytogenomics Conference 2019, Salzburg, Austria., 6-9 July 2019
Iannuzzi, Alessandra; Perucatti, Angela; Genualdo, Viviana; Rossetti, Cristina; Incarnato, Domenico; Iorio, Ciro; Andreassi, Maria Grazia; Iannuzzi, Leopoldo

Genomic analysis on river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis Linnaeus, 1758, 2n=50) reared in different conditions: short- and long-term effects on DNA

(2018) 23 rd International Colloquium on Animal Cytogenetics and Genomics (23 ICACG), Saint-Petersburg, Russia, June 9-12, 2018
Angela Perucatti, Viviana Genualdo, Alfredo Pauciullo, Ciro Iorio, Domenico Incarnato, Cristina Rossetti, Francesco Vizzarri, Marisa Palazzo, Donato Casamassima, Leopoldo Iannuzzi, Alessandra Iannuzzi

Cytogenetic tests reveal no toxicity in lymphocytes of rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus, 2n=44) feed in presence of verbascoside and/or lycopene

(2018) in Food and chemical toxicology
V Genualdo, A Perucatti, A Iannuzzi, C Iorio, S Ianuario, D Incarnato, C Rossetti, L Montano, L Iannuzzi

Environmental impact assessment on human fertility in males living in polluted areas of Campania region by cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay and SCE test

(2016) in Chromosome research
Angela Perucatti, Viviana Genualdo, Maria A. Colonna, Francesco Giannico,Domenico Incarnato, Giuseppe Lubrano-Lavadera, Ciro Iorio, Luisa Vonghia,Anna Caputi-Jambrenghi, Leopoldo Iannuzzi & Alessandra Iannuzzi

Chromosome instability in lymphocytes of Friesian cows naturally exposed to dioxins being raised close to a metallurgic factory area in southern Italy

(2016) in Caryologia (Online)
Iannuzzi A, Genualdo V, Perucatti A, Pauciullo A, Varricchio G, Incarnato D, Matassino D, Iannuzzi L.

Fatal Outcome in a Newborn Calf Associated with Partial Trisomy 25q and Partial Monosomy 11q, 60,XX,der(11)t(11;25)(q11;q14~21).

(2015) in Cytogenetic and genome research (Online)
Genualdo V.; Perucatti A.; Pauciullo A.; Iannuzzi A.; Incarnato D.; Spagnuolo M.S.; Solinas N.; Bullitta S.; Iannuzzi L.

Analysis of chromosome damage by sister chromatid exchange (SCE) and redox homeostasis characterization on sheep flocks from Sardinian pasturelands

(2015) in Science of the total environment
Iannuzzi A. · Perucatti A. · Genualdo V. · Pauciullo A. · Incarnato D. · Musilova P. · Rubes J. · Iannuzzi C.

The Utility of Chromosome Microdissection in Clinical Cytogenetics: A New Reciprocal Translocation in Sheep

(2014) in Cytogenetic and genome research (Print. ed.)
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