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Chiara D'errico

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Research products

Burchianti A.; D'errico C.; Prevedelli M.; Salasnich L.; Ancilotto F.; Modugno M.; Minardi F.; Fort C.

A dual-species bose-einstein condensate with attractive interspecies interactions

(2020) in Condensed matter
Burchianti A.; D'Errico C.; Marconi L.; Minardi F.; Fort C.; Modugno M.

Effect of interactions in the interference pattern of Bose-Einstein condensates

(2020) in Physical review, A Print
D'Errico C., Burchianti A., Prevedelli M., Salasnich L., Ancilotto F., Modugno M., Minardi F., Fort C.

Observation of Quantum Droplets in a Heteronuclear Bosonic Mixture

(2019) in Physical review research
Minardi, F.; Ancilotto, F.; Burchianti, A.; D'Errico, C.; Fort, C.; Modugno, M.

Effective expression of the Lee-Huang-Yang energy functional for heteronuclear mixtures

(2019) in Physical review, A Print
Burchianti A.; D'Errico C.; Rosi S.; Simoni A.; Modugno M.; Fort C.; Minardi F.

Dual-species Bose-Einstein condensate of K 41 and Rb 87 in a hybrid trap

(2018) in Physical review, A Print
Abbate, Simona Scaffidi; Gori, Lorenzo; Inguscio, Massimo; Modugno, Giovanni; D'Errico, Chiara

Exploring quantum phase slips in 1D bosonic systems

(2017) in The European physical journal. Special topics
D'Errico C.; Scafdi Abbate S.; Modugno G.

Quantum phase slips: From condensed matter to ultracold quantum gases

(2017) in Philosophical transactions - Royal Society. Mathematical, Physical and engineering sciences (Print)
Boeris, G.; Gori, L.; Hoogerland, M. D.; Kumar, A.; Lucioni, E.; Tanzi, L.; Inguscio, M.; Giamarchi, T.; D'Errico, C.; Carleo, G.; Modugno, G.; Sanchez-Palencia, L.

Mott transition for strongly interacting one-dimensional bosons in a shallow periodic potential

(2016) in Physical review. A (Online)
Gori, Lorenzo; Barthel, Thomas; Kumar, Avinash; Lucioni, Eleonora; Tanzi, Luca; Inguscio, Massimo; Modugno, Giovanni; Giamarchi, Thierry; D'Errico, Chiara; Roux, Guillaume

Finite-temperature effects on interacting bosonic one-dimensional systems in disordered lattices

(2016) in Physical review. A (Online)
Tanzi, Luca; Abbate, Simona Scaffidi; Cataldini, Federica; Gori, Lorenzo; Lucioni, Eleonora; Inguscio, Massimo; Modugno, Giovanni; D'Errico, Chiara

Velocity-dependent quantum phase slips in 1D atomic superfluids

(2016) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
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