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WoS Researcher ID: C-3284-2012
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Research products

Palomares-Sanchez, Salvador A.; Watts, Bernard E.; Klimm, Detlef; Baraldi, Andrea; Parisini, Antonella; Vantaggio, Salvatore; Fornari, Roberto

Sol-gel growth and characterization of In2O3 thin films

(2018) in Thin solid films (Print)
Rowley S. E.; Vojta T.; Jones A.T.; Guo W.; Oliveira J.; Morrison F. D.; Lindfield N.; Baggio Saitovitch E.; Watts B. E.; Scott J. F.

Quantum percolation phase transition and magnetoelectric dipole glass in hexagonal ferrites

(2017) in Physical review. B, Rapid communications (online)
Jael Cristina Faloh-Gandarilla, Sergio Diaz-Castano, and Bernard Enrico Watts

Magnetization reversal and interactions in SrFe12O19

(2016) in Physica status solidi. B, Basic research (Internet)
A.L. Guerrero, D.L. Espericueta, S.A. Palomares-Sánchez, J.T. Elizalde-Galindo, B.E Watts and M. Mirabal-García

Preparation and magnetic properties of the Sr-hexaferrite with foam structure

(2016) in Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials
Rowley S.E.; Chai Y.-S.; Shen S.-P.; Sun Y.; Jones A.T.; Watts B.E.; Scott J.F.

Uniaxial ferroelectric quantum criticality in multiferroic hexaferrites BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19

(2016) in Scientific reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Hernández-González, E. L., Watts, B. E., Palomares-Sánchez, S. A., Elizalde Galindo, J. T., Mirabal-García, M.

Second-Order Magnetic Transition in La0.67Ca0.33-xSr x MnO3 (x = 0.05, 0.06, 0.07, 0.08)

(2016) in Journal of superconductivity and novel magnetism
Bernard Watts Sergio Diaz Castanon

Flux Growth of Magnetic Oxides

Bernard Watts (2016) LAW3M, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 13-18 November 2016
Diaz-Castanon S.; Garcia-Zaldivar O.; Faloh-Gandarilla J.; Watts B.E.; Calderon-Pinar F.; Hernandez-Landaverde M.A.; Espinoza-Beltran F.J.

Synthesis of powders and thin films of bismuth ferrite from solution: a magneto-electric study

(2014) in Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing (Print)
Watts, BE Boschi, Francesco Fornari, R

Control of Gelation during the deposition of Alumina Films

Watts, BE Boschi, Francesco (2014) IX Workshop Italiano Sol-Gel, Parma, Italia, 17-18 Giugno 2014
Bernard E Watts, P. Ranzieri and Amin Yourdkhani

Improvements to a Permanent Magnet Field Generator

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