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Research products

Papurello D.; Boschetti A.; Silvestri S.; Khomenko I.; Biasioli F.

Real-time monitoring of removal of trace compounds with PTR-MS: Biochar experimental investigation

(2018) in Renewable energy
Eccher G.; Begheldo M.; Boschetti A.; Ruperti B.; Botton A.

Roles of ethylene production nd ethylene receptor expression in regulating apple fruitlet abscission

(2015) in Plant physiology (Online)
Eccher, Giulia; Botton, Alessandro; Dimauro, Mariano; Boschetti, Andrea; Ruperti, Benedetto; Ramina, Angelo

Early Induction of Apple Fruitlet Abscission Is Characterized by an Increase of Both Isoprene Emission and Abscisic Acid Content

(2013) in Plant physiology (Bethesda)
Vazzaro, Alice 1, Boschetti, Andrea 2,3, Dell'Anna, Rossana 4, Canteri, Roberto 4, Dimauro, Mariano 2,3, Ramina, Angelo 1, Ferasin, Massimo 1, Giulivo, Claudio F. 1, Ruperti, Benedetto 1

Influence of olive (cv Grignano) fruit ripening and oil extraction under different nitrogen regimes on volatile organic compound emissions studied by PTR-MS technique

(2011) in Analytical & bioanalytical chemistry (Print)
Alessandro Botton, Andrea Boschetti, Giulia Eccher, Alberto Dorigoni and Benedetto Ruperti

A time-course model for BA action in apple fruitlet thinning

(2009) 11th International Symposium on Plant Bioregulators in Fruit Production, 20-23 September 2009 - Bologna
A. Boschetti, M. Dimauro, B. Ruperti, A. Botton, M. Scotoni

Agronomic procedures in apples monitored by ethylene detection with CO2 laser based photoacoustic technique

(2009) Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research – FLAIR 2009, 06-11 September 2009, Grainau,
Vezzaro A. ,Boschetti A. , Dimauro M. , Ramina A. , Giulivo C. , Ferasin M., Ruperti B.

Valutazione dei composti organici volatili dell’olio extravergine di oliva da cv. Grignano

(2009) I° Convegno Nazionale dell’Olivo e dell’Olio, 1-2 Ottobre 2009, Portici (Nap
D. Avi, M.Scotoni, A.Salviati, M.Mazzola and A.Boschetti

On line monitoring of gas mixture composition produced by a gasification/pyrolysis prototype plant

(2009) XIX Congresso AIV - Associazione Italiana di Scienza e Tecnologia, 19-21 Maggio 2009, Senigallia-
V. Dal Cin, M. Danesin, A. Botton, A. Boschetti, A. Dorigoni, A. Ramina

Ethylene and preharvest drop: the effect of AVG and NAA on apple fruit abscission (Malus domestica L. Borkh)

(2008) in Plant growth regulation (Print)
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