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Amedeo Cesta

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CNR Position: Research Director

Selected Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Ambient Assisted Living; Automated and Interactive Problem Solving; Cognitive Systems; Constraint Reasoning; Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling;

Short profile: [MSc Electronic Engineering, 1983, Ph.D. in Computer Science, 1992: University of Rome 'La Sapienza'] Amedeo is a research scientist in Artificial Intelligence at CNR and Group Leader at ISTC. He has founded and currently coordinates activities of the Laboratory on Planning and Scheduling Technologies (PST Lab). He has conducted research in several AI areas like Multi-Agent Systems, Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction, Planning & Scheduling and always pursued the synthesis of innovative Decision Support Systems. His work focuses on the integration of planning and scheduling in software architectures, the use of constraint programming for specialized tasks such as temporal and resource reasoning, the synthesis of planning and scheduling heuristics, the interactive solution of complex planning problems. His work in Artificial Intelligence also emphasizes the real-world aspects of automated reasoning, in particular focusing in research research are like planning for space domain, technology-based support to older people, integration of AI techniques in Robotics. More recently he has been exploring the integration of planning and scheduling techniques in new applicative areas (like for example the crisis managers training) and the synthesis of new cognitive aids for older people by integrating ICTs and robotics. Since December 2013 Amedeo is President of AI*IA, the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence. Since June 2014 he is member of the Board of Directors of ForItAAL (the Italian Association for Ambient Assisted Living). He is currently serving his second term as member of the Scientific Council of ISTC-CNR.

Interest areas:

Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Planning & Scheduling, Constraint-Programming, Deployment of Intelligent Systems, AI Applications for Space, Multi-Agent Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Robotics, Ambient Assisted Living, Innovative ICT Technologies for the Fragile Population.


Phone: +39-06-44595-320
Fax: +39-06-44595-243
Address: ISTC-CNR Via S.Martino della Battaglia 44 - 00185 Roma

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Scopus Author ID: 6701779736
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Research products

Gabriella Cortellessa, Riccardo De Benedictis, Francesca Fracasso, Andrea Orlandini, Alessandro Umbrico and Amedeo Cesta

AI and robotics to help older adults: Revisiting projects in search of lessons learned

(2021) in Paladyn (Online)
Elisa Foderaro; Amedeo Cesta; Alessandro Umbrico; Andrea Orlandini;

Simplifying the A.I. Planning modeling for Human-Robot Collaboration

(2021) 30th IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), Vancouver, Canada (Virtual Conference), 8/8/2021-12/8/2021
Fracasso, Francesca; Cortellessa, Gabriella; Coan, Karen; Regan, Gilbert; Rossel, Pierre; Umbrico, Alessandro; Cesta, Amedeo

ICF-Based Classification to Bridge the Gap Between End-Users and AAL Solutions

(2021) Springer, Milan Heidelberg NewYork Dordrecht London (Italia), 2021
Carlo La Viola, Andrea Orlandini, Alessandro Umbrico, Amedeo Cesta

ROS-TiPlEx: A Collaborative Design Tool for Timeline-based Planning & Scheduling Applications with ROS

(2020) 6th Italian Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AIRO 2019), Rende, Italia, 22/11/2019-22/11/2019
Umbrico, Alessandro; Cesta, Amedeo; Cortellessa, Gabriella; Orlandini, Andrea

A Holistic Approach to Behavior Adaptation for Socially Assistive Robots

(2020) in International journal of social robotics (Print)
Umbrico, Alessandro; Cortellessa, Gabriella; Orlandini, Andrea; Cesta, Amedeo

Toward intelligent continuous assistance

(2020) in Journal of ambient intelligence & humanized computing (Print)
Cortellessa, Gabriella; Fracasso, Francesca; Umbrico, Alessandro; Cesta, Amedeo; Dionisio, Pietro; Ciucci, Lorenzo; Di Guardo, Fabrizio; Tamburini, Elena; Pérez, Miguel Ángel; Herrero, Javier; Triantafyllidou, Valentina; Dewarrat, Rodolphe; Boghiu, Flavia; Barnestein-Fonseca, Pilar; Goodman-Casanova, Jessica Marian; Mayoral, Fermin

Co-design of a TV-based home support for early stage of dementia

(2020) in Journal of ambient intelligence & humanized computing (Print)
Umbrico, Alessandro; Orlandini, Andrea; Cesta, Amedeo

An ontology for human-robot collaboration

(2020) in Procedia CIRP
Cesta A.; Cortellessa G.; De Benedictis R.; De Medio C.; Limongelli C.; Sciarrone F.; Tassarotti G.; Palombini A.

Personalizing Technology-Enhanced Learning for Cultural Visits

(2020) 28th ACM International Conference on User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP 2020), Genoa, Italy, 12-18/07/2020
De Benedictis R.; Umbrico A.; Fracasso F.; Cortellessa G.; Orlandini A.; Cesta A.

A Two-Layered Approach to Adaptive Dialogues for Robotic Assistance

(2020) 29th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN), 31/08/2020 - 04/09/2020
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