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Research products

Kota S.; Giambene G.; Pillai P.; Alouini M.A.M.; Bas J.; Dalai D.; Darwish T.; de Cola T.; Delamotte T.; Giordani M.; Gotta A.; Khattab T.; Knopp A.; Kurt G.K.; Manoj B.S.; Medjo J.D.; Rawat P.; Saxena P.; Scanlan P.; Sharma A.; Sperber R.; Tarchi D.; Verma S.; Yanikomeroglu H.; Zhao K.; Zhao L.

International Network Generations Roadmap - Satellite

Bacco M.; Carlini E.; Cassarà P.; Coppola M.; Dazzi P.; Gotta A.

TEACHING - Trustworthy autonomous cyber-physical applications through human-centred intelligence

(2021) IEEE COINS 2021: IEEE International Conference on Omni-layer Intelligent systems, Online conference, 23-26/08/2021
Bacco M.; Barsocchi P.; Gotta A.; Ruggeri M.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Agriculture: an overview of IoT-based scenarios

(2021) Wiley-IEEE Press, Hoboken (Stati Uniti d'America) in Autonomous Airborne Wireless Networks, 2021
Cassarà P.; Gotta A.; de Cola T.

A Statistical Framework for Performance Analysis of Diversity Framed Slotted Aloha With Interference Cancellation

(2020) in IEEE transactions on aerospace and electronic systems
Bacco M.; Barsocchi P.; Cassarà P.; Germanese D.; Gotta A.; Leone G.R.; Moroni D.; Pascali M.A.; Tampucci M.

Monitoring ancient buildings: real deployment of an IoT system enhanced by UAVs and virtual reality

(2020) in IEEE access
Sebastiani L.; Di Summa Maria; Viganò G.P.; Sacco M.; Cassarà P; Gotta A.; Figari M.; Martelli M.; Zaccone R.

Sistema e metodo di supporto ad un operatore per la navigazione

Bacco M.; Cassarà P.; Gotta A.; Puddu M.

A simulation framework for QoE-Aware real-time video streaming in multipath scenarios

(2020) AdHoc-Now 2020 - The 19th International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks and Wireless, Bari, Italy, 19-21 October 2020
Bacco F. M.; Barsocchi P.; Brunori G.; Debruyne L.; Ferrari A.; Gotta A.; Koltsida P.; Lepore F.; Orsini A.; Rolandi S.; Scotti I.; Toli E.

DESIRA - D1.3: Synthesis report on the taxonomy and inventory of digital game changers

Mencagli G.; Dazzi P.; Carlini E.; Gotta A.; Cassarà P.; Girbal S.; Giraudi L.; Escobar A.

TEACHING - D2.1: State-of-the-art analysis and preliminary requirement specifications for the computing and communication platform

Bacco M.; Cassarà P.; Gotta A.

Integration of 5G and aerospace networks by SDN and NFV techniques

(2019) in ERCIM news online edition
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