'Geothermal Energy and Society'



Published by Springer the book 'Geothermal Energy and Society', editor Adele Manzella and Anna Pellizzone (Cnr-Igg), and Agnes Allansdottir (Fondazione Toscana Life Science).

The book is the first to to explore the social aspects of geothermal energy, in relation to its various uses, such as electricity generation, heating and cooling. In addition, it synthesizes the technical, geological, sociological and economic aspects at the international level and analyzes and discusses a series of case studies, comparing the social engagement tools used with those applied in other sectors.

The responsible use of geothermal energy helps with mitigating the effects of climate change and contribute to the development of renewable and sustainable energy mix in the transition toward a low carbon society. As with all other developments in the energy sector, a sustained societal dialogue is essential as society plays an active role in either accelerating or preventing the development of new energy technologies.

Of interest to researchers from a range of disciplines who wish to explore the issues surrounding energy and society, it is also a valuable resource for geothermal experts and postgraduate students wish to study the field in greater detail. 

For further information please contact Adele Manzella, Cnr-Igg adele.manzella(at)igg.cnr(dot)it

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