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EPSO - European Plant Science Organisation

The European Plant Science Organization is an international scientific association based in Brussels gathering together the main European institutions which carry out research on plant biology and agriculture. EPSO currently represents more than two hundred universities and research centers in more than 30 countries.

EPSO's objective is that of encouraging the interactions between the different institutions, in order to increase their impact and their ability to affect the choices that might have repercussions at both national and international level. EPSO has gained high prestige for the large contribution given to the development of agricultural research, Europe-wide.

EPSO allows European researchers and institutions dealing with plant biology (both in the most basic aspects and those tied to the productive world) to have a strong voice able to provide guidance on research priorities at an international level. EPSO influences the development of international research through the activity of its working groups that contribute, thanks to the publication of documents and the organization of events, to define the association's position on the major scientific and socially relevant topics.

EPSO is also particularly active in the dissemination of scientific culture and has created and promoted the Fascination of Plants Day,, an international initiative created to highlight the role of plant biology in food security and in the development of a sustainable agriculture.


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