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SCOR - Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research

SCOR is a non-governmental organization aimed at international cooperation in ocean sciences. The awareness that the scientific issues affecting the oceans often require a cross-disciplinary approach, led the International Council for Science (ICSU) to create, back in 1957, the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) which is the first cross-disciplinary entity in the field.

The activities of SCOR focus on the promotion of international cooperation and the planning and implementation of oceanographic research also searching solutions to methodological and conceptual problems that hinder the related industry. Scientists from thirty-eight nations participate in SCOR's working groups and steering committees; about 250 scientists participate on a voluntary basis.

Working groups are usually made up of no more than 10 members who deepen a specific theme and produce high-level scientific publications. Their work is required to be completed in four years or less. SCOR has supported, on its own or along with other organizations, 130 working groups, including those presently active. All working groups produce a final report, organize a workshop or a symposium, for the achievement of a significant advancement of knowledge in the subject.

In May 2016, the report "Future of the Ocean and its Seas: a non-governmental scientific perspective on seven marine research issues of interest G7" was published. technology-Ministers-meeting-in-japan

This report is a summary of the work of an international group of experts made up of IAPSO (IUGG) and SCOR in response to a press released after the "Meeting of G7 Ministers of Science" (Berlin, 8-9 October 2015).

The report contains recommendations to policy makers on how to address seven of the issues identified in the G7 communiqué: Plastic pollution of the marine environment, Deep-sea mining and its ecosystem impacts, Ocean acidification, De-oxygenation, Ocean warming, Biodiversity loss, ecosystem Marine degradation.


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