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IMA - International Mineralogical Association

Founded in 1958, IMA is the world's leading organization for the promotion of mineralogy which is, historically, one of the first scientific disciplines. Members of IMA are 39 companies or national mineralogical groups. The activity is carried out through Committees and Working Groups that deal with various aspects of modern mineralogy; it encourages the relationships among mineralogists, at the same time sponsoring and organizing scientific conferences and training initiatives. IMA is affiliated to IUGS, the International Union of Geological Sciences.

Today, mineralogy plays a vital role for humanity, being at the base of the extraction of metal ores, of the exploitation of industrial minerals, of the exploration and oil drilling, the cleaning up of polluted areas and the science of soils. Moreover, in modern optics that includes different disciplines in geosystems, mineralogy plays a pivotal role in the study of different processes. In fact, the surfaces of minerals represent the interface between the atmosphere, the biosphere and the solid Earth. Phenomena together with surface changes are so fundamental to the understanding of climate changes and of the 'global change', as well as for the preservation and recovery of cultural heritage.

Mineralogy's strong and typical 'multi-analytic' approach is fundamental to our knowledge of the chemical composition of the genetic processes and of the age of rocks, including the extraterrestrials ones, thus providing clues about the origin of the solar system and the possibility of life on other planets. Experimental mineralogy, highly integrated with the science of materials, allows us to understand the chemical nature and the structural setting of the phases forming the deepest and inaccessible part of the Earth.


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