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IGU - International Geographical Union

The first International Geography Congress was held in Antwerp in 1871. IGU’s activities are also carried out by its many Committees, National Boards and Task Forces. IGU has the following purposes:

  • to promote the study of geographical issues;
  • to initiate and coordinate geographical researches requiring international cooperation also promoting their publication and scientific discussions;
  • to ensure the participation of geographers in the activities of important international organizations;
  • to encourage the collection and dissemination of data and geographical documents within each nation and among the nations recognized by IGU;
  • to promote International Geographical Congresses, regional conferences and specialized symposiums in harmony with the Union's objectives;
  • to participate in any other appropriate form of international collaboration having the goal of advancing the study and application of geography;
  • to promote international standardization or compatibility of methods, terminology and symbols used in geography.

The International Geographical Union is affiliated to ICSU and the International Social Science Council (ISSC) acknowledging them as institutions called to coordinate the international organization of science.


Department of Environmental and Geographical Science
South Lane, University of Cape Town - 7701 Rondebosch, Cape Town - South Africa
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prof.ssa Maria Paradiso

Università degli Studi di Milano 'Statale'
Dipartimento di Beni Culturali e Ambientali
Via Festa del Perdono 7 - 20122 Milano

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Università "La Sapienza"
Dipartimento Metodi e Modelli per l 'Economia, il Territorio e la Finanza
Via Del Castro Laurenziano, 9 - 00161 Roma
Phone number: 06 49766778

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