Research institute on judicial systems (IRSIG)


Training for judges, prosecutors, managers, and clerks of court in Italy and abroad have been periodically carried out by IRSIG's researchers and associates. The method developed over the years is based on the research findings that have been exploited to create original training materials such as case studies, role plays, simulations. Therefore, the training provided by IRSIG is always context specific and based on real justice system experiences. The Italian Ministry of Justice, in partnership with IRSIG, have received three acknowledgments of recognition for the innovative nature and high quality of training projects carried out for judicial personnel from the Italian Professional Trainers Association (AIF).

IRSIG has also designed and created, in collaboration with other industrial and public partners, the Court Technology Laboratory (CTLab) in Bologna. The CTLab is a special hi-tech multimedia room which can be used for conferences, training, mock trials, videoconferencing of witnesses, and to test and evaluate information and communication technology developed for justice agencies. The CTLab is also a showroom suitable to present, discuss, and compare different technological systems and application. The AIF (Italian Association of Professional Trainers) has awarded the CTLab for its innovative training environment.

The Institute has been involved in training and tutorial activities of the Venice International University, which is sponsored by the CNR.

IRSIG's researchers also have a close relationship with universities. Quite often, they carried out seminars, workshops and university courses in comparative judicial systems, organization of the judiciary, organization and judicial behavior, organizational theory, public policy analysis.

IRSIG is also organizing short term stages for university students and short term placements for high school students.