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Dr. SEBASTIANO FARO Primo ricercatore CNR

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Sebastiano Faro is Primo Ricercatore (Senior Researcher) at ITTIG-CNR. He has a degree in Law (1992) and a Ph.D in Administrative Law (1999). His main research areas involve: EU law, ICT and law, techniques and methods for legal documentation and for the creation of administrative and legal information systems; techniques and methods for the electronic analysis, drafting and evaluation of legal acts; formal models for the organization of legal knowledge.
For ten years, he was professor under contract of European Public Law and Legal Informatics at the University of Florence (Master in European Studies Programme) and the University of Lecce.
He has worked in several national and international projects such as the NiR (Norme in Rete - Legislation on the Net) portal and Caselex (Case Law Exchange), a project funded by the EU Commission under the eContent and eTEN programmes. He has also worked in a research project promoted by OPOCE on the interoperability between the Eurovoc thesaurus and other thesauri of interest. In 2009-2010, he was the coordinator of the CARE (Citizens Consular Assistance Regulation in Europe) project funded by the EU Commission under the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme ( and editor of the Final Report "Consular and Diplomatic Protection. Legal framework in the EU Member States". In 2010-2011, he was a member of the working group that compiled the Guide to Drafting of Administrative Acts (Guida alla redazione degli atti amministrativi). He is now involved in the SMART and RESPECT FP7 projects.
He coordinated ITTIG-CNR's department on Computer Law and is now the coordinator of ITTIG -CNR's Department on Information Systems for the Law and responsible for the Departmental Project of CNR "Law, Technological Innovation and Legal Culture".
He won one of the 100 prizes given to young researchers by CNR for having achieved innovative results of special excellence during the year 2005.
He has published numerous academic articles and delivered conference papers on various issues including: the processing of personal data, consumer protection, eDemocracy, and the digitalisation of document processing in the Italian administrative justice system.
He is one of the editors of the international Series "Diritto Scienza Tecnologia /Law Science Technology" published by ESI, Naples.