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The unifying theme of Institute activities is the chemistry of molecular recognition, which can be defined as a multidisciplinary area which studies the principles and strengths that regulate and determine biospecificity and biorecognition at the molecular level. The area involves expertise in organic, bioorganic and computational chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology. In order to have molecular recognition phenomena molecules must interact (establishing "bonds" between them) and exchange information (thanks to the selectivity of the formed bonds).
Advances in understanding thus gained will help to discover innovative compounds, materials and biotechnological methods in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and food fields, as well as to develop biocatalysis, bioseparation and bioregulation. All of these fields are and, even more so, will be strategic to improve the quality of life.
Specifically, the Istituto di Chimica del Riconoscimento Molecolare (Institute of Chemistry of Molecular Recognition) carries out research, technological development and training activities in the following areas:
1. Biomolecules (natural bioactive substances and synthesis of compounds of biological interest);
2. Industrial biotechnologies (bioconversions, enzyme technology and analytical methodologies);
3. Mechanisms of bioregulation (molecular basis of biological regulation and experimental and theoretical studies of molecular recognition).
Key words are: Bioactive natural compounds; Biocatalysis; Biorafineries; Computational chemistry; Biomolecular Simulations Structural biochemistry; Analytical microsystems; Proteomic.

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