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Dott. DANIELE MALFITANA Primo Ricercatore CNR - Professore di "Metodologie, cultura materiale e produzioni artigianali nel mondo classico", CdL magistrale in Archeologia, Università di Catania

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c/o Palazzo Ingrassia
via Biblioteca 4 - 95124 Catania (CT)
Phone number: 095 311981
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IBAM CNR is a multidisciplinary research Institute with high expertise and specialized skills in the field of knowledge, documentation, diagnosis, preservation, enhancement, fruition and communication of archaeological and monumental heritage.

Internationalization of research, strengthening of multidisciplinary studies, better communication among its offices, success and excellence in European research projects and finally more investments in young researchers, constitute the main commitments of IBAM's strategic vision.

In accordance with the concept of public awareness of science, IBAM offers its services to society in order to promote and make accessible the results of its own scientific research for the broadening of understanding of cultural heritage, the promotion of awareness of its value and the priming of processes of urban development, exploitation of the potential of each locality and social inclusion.

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