Individual free exchange program

Within the framework of the Bilateral Agreements including this option, proposals for research stays abroad can be submitted according to the following instructions. Financial support will solely cover the travelling and accommodation expenses of each researcher.

Applicants and limitations
Only Cnr Researchers and Technologists (levels I-III), followed (in a priority order) by personnel having been assigned, by decree, the status of official Cnr 'Partner' according to the terms and conditions of 'Associatura' ('Partnership') (as mentioned in Art.17 of the Rules and Regulations of the Cnr's Personnel published in the site section Regulations) can submit proposals for individual free exchange research stays. 

Duration of research stay within one project
The duration will vary depending on each Agreement. As a general rule it can be:

  • short stay: up to 3 weeks;
  • long stay: up to 3 months.

One exception to this rule is the Agreement between Cnr and NEH (Usa), which includes research activity only in the Human Sciences field and allows the submission of proposals every year for the granting of 3 individual scholarships for scientific projects focusing on aspects of the Cultural Heritage of Italy and the US Cultural Identity, to be carried out in the United States of America for a duration of 6 - 8 months.
All those interested are requested to apply by duly filling out and submit the specific Application Form together with the relevant research project.

Documentation required to apply

  • Application Form duly filled out;
  • proposed individual research project;
  • abstract of the above project in English;
  • short scientific curriculum vitae in Italian and English, including list of publications;
  • invitation letter by the foreign Institution, where the research stay will take place (including acceptance of the proposed research project and mention of dates of stay);
  • copy of ID document for travelling;
  • for Cnr's Personnel, the 'Nulla Osta' letter by the Institute Director;
  • decree of 'Associatura' for non-Cnr Personnel.

Deadline for submission of proposals

The deadline is September of each year for all stays planned the following year.
Only for Cnr/NEH (Usa) Agreement, the deadline is September 30th  of each year.
Should the deadline fall in a weekend or holiday, the same is automatically postponed to the next working day, and the date printed on the parcel by the receiving Cnr Post Office at Cnr (P.le A. Moro, 7 - 00185 Rome) will be considered as evdence of the application's regular delivery and acceptance.
In case the allocated funds for the free-exchange Program or the budget for the Agreement have not been fully used, it is possible that a certain number of applications, even if received after such deadline, might be taken into consideration for financing.

Last update: 20/06/2017