From 2013 ISC coordinates the interistitute working group Tech4Bio, which consists of CNR researchers with different expertise but a common aim of favoring the formation of a scientific network contacting many different and complementary experiences, knowledge and technology, to explore the possibilities of scientific and technological development in the field of Biophysics, Biosensing and Biotechnology.
The group presently comprises researchers from ISC, ISM, IFN, IFT, IDASC ( It is presently involved in a number of projects and collaborations on biochemistry, advanced microscopy, innovative sensing and diagnostic platforms, nano and micro scale material characterization for biomedical applications, lab and cell-on-chip devices; and has initiated in 2014 a series of annual meetings dedicated to Biophysics and related technologies (
In 2015 the group presented a proposal for the technology transfer named "CONTACT" (CNR Open Networks for Technological transfer And CompeTitiveness ) to the CNR Innovation Prize, which deserved a special mention by the technical panel.