The Italian Neutron Experimental Station INES@ISIS

INES is the Italian Neutron Experimental Station at ISIS, the world most powerful pulsed neutron source, at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (U.K.).
The experimental station is equipped with a time-of-flight neutron diffractometer and is mainly used for the microscopic structural analysis of materials of archaelogical interest.
Since first installation, on January 2006, this instrument has been made available to the Italian and international scientific communities.
During 2006, 28 experiments have been performed (56% from Italian proposers, and the remaining part equally distributed among French, British, and Dutch users). As for the disciplinary distribution, 50% of the beamtime was used for Archaeometry experiments, 25% on magnetic materials, 13% in the Chemistry area, and the remaining 12% to neutron instrumentation development.
In year 2007, there was a slow-down of the activity because of a long shutdown of ISIS due to works necessary for the realization of the Second Target Station (ISIS-TS29.
From October 2007 till May 2008, INES has started again its activity with 19 experiments completed, of which 87% assigned to Italian users.
The distribution among scientific disciplines remained substantially unchanged, with the majority of the experiments dedicated to Archaeometric problems.
Archaeometry experiments on INES are mainly oriented towards pre-historical and historical (from Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance periods) bronze artefacts.
However, also experiments on ceramic findings from pre-historic and historic ages have been carried out.
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