ITIA-CNR Research Unit in Vigevano: D&MC-LAB Design & Mass Customisation Laboratory

The establishment of the research unit ITIA-CNR, named D&MC-Lab (Design & Mass Customisation Laboratory) and placed in Vigevano, dates 29th January 2002.
This research unit aims at performing research and development activities on the new manufacturing paradigm of the "mass customisation", with particular regard to the shoe manufacturing sector.
In order to accomplish its mission, the research unit is organized in four different action lines:
1. Research and scientific activities: for the promotion and management of research projects
2. Technical activities: for the maintenance of the LAB equipment and infrastructure.
3. Manufacturing activities: aimed at operating the Pilot Plant for the manufacturing of experimental shoe samples.
4. Teaching activities: that include the organisation and management of teaching and training initiatives for internal and external staff.
The creation of the research unit of Vigevano establishes a starting point for a revision of ITIA research activities; in fact it gives rise to a long-lasting well equipped structure specialised in a specific manufacturing sector (shoe-making industry and related supply chain); that is to say it gives rise to a new research "domain" that may be defined as more industrial-oriented, given its focus on a specific manufacturing sector.
The pre-existing knowledge domains, that constitute the backbone of the research activity of ITIA-CNR, can now be supported by a series of "industrial domains", whose archetype may be retrieved in the Vigevano Lab.

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