Tic@school: learning in the school of he future. From computer lab to digital classrooms.

The project developed along the lines of a long-lasting collaboration between ITD-CNR and the "Don Milani-Colombo" lower secondary school of Genoa, whose teaching staff has been experimenting the use of educational technology since the eighties.
The TIC@School project aimed at designing and managing activities and initiatives related to the introduction and use of ICT both in classroom teaching and teacher training.
The major objective was the development and implementation of an innovative technological model able to go beyond the current "devoted lab" and make available ICT access to students in the classroom.
The project activities consisted in the following phases:
o study of teachers requirements (needs, pedagogical models, constraints), the selection of the technological resources and of their LAN connection;
o design and management of training activities addressed to all school teachers to enhance technological skills;
o advice and assistance in the development and management of experimental projects for students based on the innovative use of technological resources in teaching and learning.
In fact, since the end of 2009 each class has been equipped with a laptop for the teacher with an Internet connection and a 52'' LCD TV that acts as a large screen. Moreover, 39 netbooks with wi-fi connection are available on request and on the grounds of the planned educational activities. In addition, a classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard (IWB) and another one (1st grade) has been equipped with the financial support of the Ministry of Education Cl@ssi 2.0 project. The latter started in late 2008 and was formally concluded by the end of 2010. Atttention was particularly devoted to the observation and monitoring of the processes of use of ICT in the classroom.