AEDILITIA: Directive 89/106/EEC Construction Products and EC marking of products

ITC-CNR, in collaboration with ANCE (the National Association of Building Constructors) and F.IN.CO (Federation of Industries Products Installations and Services for Constructions) and with the patronage of the Ministry of Production Activities, has created the website, completely devoted to Directive 89/106/EEC "Construction Products" and to the EC marking of products.
The reasons behind its creation can be found in the more and more pressing need to face up to the situation and the new opportunities deriving from the directive itself with a good mastery.
The website is intended to be an exhaustive source of information and documentation for all the construction sector actors (about 2.500.000 people over the Italian territory) to understand and apply the new Community provisions and a guide to direct users towards the correct procedures needed for the certification of their products. Aedilitia contains the list of products covered by the Directive, subdivided into families according to the CEN and EOTA Mandates, reference documents and the list of notified bodies acting at European level with the respective conformity attestation systems. Aedilitia is structured in such a way to create connections among products, documents, notified bodies, conformity attestation systems. The network of connections allows to have access to all levels of information, irrespective of the way the website is consulted. The website can be searched both in Italian and in English, through two different search typologies, by products and documents, following two ways:
- free search by word or by document number
- guided search by documents typologies or by families of products.
The website originates within a wider project which envisages the achievement of an operative tool to assist companies in the new products certification stages.
The website contains about 2500 documents and is constantly updated, in accordance with the state of implementation of the Directive and its success is proved by consultation statistics that show that in 2003 the website was visited 2.600.000 times.