PPI4MED Project: Call for trainers for training program

News 12/09/2022

The PPI4MED project - in which the Cnr participates with the European and International Relations Unit - is looking for experts or specialized businesses in each of these fields: legal, technical and financial on public procurement and public management. The experts will take part of the PPI4MED capacitation programme as part of the trainers’ team for the PPI4MED innovation procurement course

The ecological transition needs new governance models

Press review 25/07/2022

According to Cnr experts Ezio Andreta, Pier Francesco Moretti and Luisa Tondelli, to overcome the current crisis affecting Italy and Europe, organizational innovations will be as important as technological ones

Covid, that's why Omicron it's so contagious

Press review 16/08/2022

Researchers from the Institute of Food Sciences (Isa) of the Cnr of Avellino and of the University of Salerno have developed an innovative bi oinformatics procedure to simulate the interaction of the spike protein in the Omicron variant with the antibodies produced by our organism. The procedure will be able to explain the high transmissibility of this variant and predict the effects of possible new Covid variants on the immune defenses already developed. The study is published on Molecules

National biodiversity future centre: 14 researchers to be hired at Cnr-Iret during fall 2022

News 12/08/2022

The Institute of research on terrestrial ecosystems (Iret) of the National research council (Cnr) will launch a call for 14 positions of Researcher and Technologist during Fall 2022. The new positions will start in January 2023 in different IRET premises, i.e., Porano (TR), Montelibretti (Rome), Pisa, Florence and Napoli. Each position will have a 3 year duration, and will likely have the opportunity to turn into a permanent position

Isp Newsletter

Institutional Area

A Special Issue of the newsletter of the Institute of Polar Sciences of the National Research Council of Italy devoted  to the celebration of 25 years at Dirigibile Italia, a protagonist of the Italian polar research in the Arctic region

Love ‘em and loathe ‘em: Mediterranean grapples with tasty, voracious invasive crabs

Press review 11/08/2022

On the news service Mongabay, an interview to the Cnr-Irbim researcher Lucrezia Cilenti about the alien species invading the Mediterranean 

15 Industrial Marie-Curie PhD Student Positions on Non-Terrestrial Antenna Systems for 6G

News 05/07/2022

The European Marie-Curie Doctoral Network ‘ANTERRA’ offers 15 fully funded industrial PhD student positions in the area of antennas, integrated circuits and signal processing, starting in the autumn of 2022

Boiling Mediterranean: Marine Protected Areas facing climate change - illustrated facts and ideas

Institutional Area

The sea between the lands, the cradle of world civilization, home to around 480 million people, is now under a severe threat due to human-induced global warming: Mediterranean waters are heating up three times faster than the global average. This book edited by Cnr edizioni illustrates some of the most tangible consequences of climate change and what this means for Mediterranean people

War in Ukraine

Special 2022

After the pandemic, the war. An event that affects us firstly as human beings, then as Europeans but also as members of the scientific and information world. From the start of the conflict, the entire scientific network of the National Research Council was mobilised to give support and welcome students, researchers and lecturers but also to offer a contribution to sociopolitical analysis and reaffirm the message that science is the bearer of peace, friendship and collaboration


Institutional area

Cnr-Isa is amongst the research partners of 'Stance4Health', a project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 with tha aim of developing a complete Smart Personalized Nutrition (SPN) service based on the use of mobile technologies as well as tailored food production that will optimize the gut microbiota activity and long-term consumer engagement

From society to research

Institutional Area

Foresight is a interdepartmental project of the National Research Council of Italy, aimed at elaborating coherent research strategies and addressing socially relevant problems related to environment, health, food, enery, security and transportation

Pandemics: Coronavirus and beyond

Institutional Area

A pandemic is a natural catastrophic event, a gigantic, prolonged "earthquake": unpredictable, but with the certainty that sooner or later it will happen, yielding devastating health and socio-economic effects. What we are learning from the Covid-19 "earthquake"? The website promoted by the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the National Research Council of Italy (Cnr-Dsb) is facing some big questions about the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic