Italian research, Miur's initiative to promote it in the world

Press review 20/04/2018

On the occasion of the Italian Research Day in the world, held on April 16th, the exhibition 'Italia, la bellezza della conoscenza', promoted by Maeci and set up by Cnr, was inaugurated in Rome. See also the Cnr video 

A European Manifesto 'More Funds for Research&Innovation'

News 05/04/2018

Within few months the EU Council will adopt the next Multiannual Financial Framework, which will set up the whole Union budget for 2021-27. Cnr, together with some of the most important Research Organizations and Academia overall Europe, conceived a 'Manifesto' which briefly describes the current EU landscape and underlines the need of a more competitive Europe: to endorse it, simply fill the form available

A simulation unveils the origin of the first biological molecules

Press release 04/04/2018

Researchers of the Institute for chemical-physical processes of the National research council of Messina in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic of Brno and the Sorbonne of Paris have carried out a numerical experiment, through advanced computational techniques, showing the chemical process which could have determined the primordial synthesis of erythrose, a direct precursor of ribose, the sugar that makes up RNA, thus shedding light on the origin of the first biological molecules and therefore on the beginning of life on Earth. The results have been published on Chemical Communications of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Global surface ozone metrics identified for climate change, human health, and crop/ecosystem research

News 11/04/2018

The use of different air quality markers for surface ozone calculated from the same time series can result in different trend patterns. This outcome is important to researchers as well as policymakers and regulators, who use exposure metrics to assess how changes in ozone levels affect human health, vegetation, and climate. That's one conclusion from a new metrics assessment based on the Tropospheric Ozone Assessment Report (TOAR), an effort by the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project to create the world’s largest database of surface ozone observations from all available ozone monitoring stations around the globe. The paper was published on April 6 in the journal 'Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene': among the authors Cnr-Ipsp researcher Elena Paoletti

ARICE H2020 Project - Transnational Access Opportunity

News 13/04/2018

Within the Eu Project ARICE 'Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium: a strategy for meeting the needs of marine-based research in the Arctic', in which Cnr is involved as partner of the consortium, call for ship-time proposals to access the icebreakers CCGS Amundsen, RV Sikuliaq and PRV Polarstern is now opened. Deadline for proposal submission: 5th of July 

Italy's national research council and Italtel enter ICT framework agreement

Speech by president 19/03/2018

The collaboration aims to promote new synergies in areas such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, cyber security and big data. A new framework agreement to promote research, knowledge exchange and innovation within the Information and Communication Technologies sector has been signed by Italtel and the Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (Cnr), Italy’s national research council

High quality graphene from nickel

Press release 16/03/2018

A study published in Science unveils the catalytic action of nickel in the growth of graphene sheets. The research, carried out by Iom-Cnr and the University of Trieste, provides new strategies to improve the industrial production of this material characterized by exceptional properties

Alcantara-VIU symposium on Sustainability 2018

Institutional area

“Science and researchers have a key leading role to create the correct background and awareness to share knowledge and address future choices and behaviours for citizens, policy makers, institution and business leaders and other stakeholders involved. We are all part of one united world. Science is always inclusive and aims for ideas and progress for peace and the health of Humankind and other living creatures”, stated president Massimo Inguscio on the occasion of the 4th International Symposium  'Coping with change: global warming and decarbonization' held in Venice on March 1-2

Call of Expression of Interest for Intellectual Property Rights of Cnr

Institutional area

Cnr issued a call for expression of interest  for the IPR Portfolio. Eligible proposers are professionals, natural persons that exercise a business activity, companies of people that exercise business activities, limited companies, consortia among enterprises and other consortium organizations, cooperative companies, public and private research organizations, foundations, public-owned companies, as well as public bodies  carrying out industrial and/or research activities in the sectors related to the Cnr rights

Summer Course on 'Critical Zone and Ecosystem Dynamics'

Event form 10/07/2018 to 18/07/2018

This 9-day- long summer course intends to provide basic knowledge about the functioning of the Critical Zone and its relationships with ecosystem dynamics, focusing on aspects related to hydrology, soil geochemistry and weathering, vegetation dynamics and distribution, microbiota, biodiversity, ecosystem processes

Eu-SPRI Early Career Researcher Conference (ECC)

Event from 26/09/2018 to 28/09/2018

Conference will take place in Rome on 26-27-28 September 2018, at Ircres-Cnr - Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth, 19, Via dei Taurini, Rome, Italy