Cnr-Isasi leads a European research group for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease

Press release 15/03/2019

The European Commission has appointed the Institute of Applied Sciences and Intelligent Systems (Isasi) of the Cnr as coordinator of a European consortium dedicated to the development of a super-sensor for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease through a simple blood test. This super-sensor will revolutionize the clinical approach to this disease because it will allow a quick and non-invasive diagnosis on the patient and therefore a more timely and targeted therapeutic intervention of what can be done today with current techniques. The project received funding of more than 3 million euro

Indonesia - Italy bilateral relations 70th anniversary kicks off with the science exhibition

Press review march 2019

The exhibition 'Italy: The Beauty of Knowledge', co-organised by Cnr, will run until March 31 in Jakarta: it marks the beginning of a series of activities held by the Italian Embassy in Jakarta to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Indonesia-Italy bilateral relations

Nicotine, a Trojan horse

Press release 04/03/2019

The use of risk of becoming dependent on other drugs does not depend on the type of cigarette (conventional or electronic) but on the nicotine they contain because both increase the gratification induced by Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active ingredient of marijuana, and therefore facilitate its use. This is the finding of a study by the National Research Council’s Institute of Neurosciences published in European Neuropsychopharmacology that provides important suggestions concerning the molecular mechanisms underlying this effect

Ecoss Project

Institutional area

The Cnr Institute of marine sciences is the lead partner of 'Ecoss project': the goal is to establish an ecological observing system in the Adriatic Sea, shared between Italy and Croatia, able to integrate ecological and oceanographic research and monitoring with Natura 2000 conservation strategies. On March 12 a kick off meetig will be held in Venice

Seemingly dormant geologic fault damaged famous Roman buildings 1,500 years ago

Press review 04/03/2019

A research participated by Cnr-Igag finds that the Monte Vettore fault system, that produced a deadly earthquake in central Italy in 2016, is also responsible for a fifth-century earthquake that damaged many Roman monuments, including the Colosseum


Institutional area

Cnr-Isa is amongst the research partners of 'Stance4Health', a project funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 with tha aim of developing a complete Smart Personalized Nutrition (SPN) service based on the use of mobile technologies as well as tailored food production that will optimize the gut microbiota activity and long-term consumer engagement

D4Science Infrastructure

Institutional Area

D4Science is an open data infrastructure developed by Cnr-Isti, connecting over 4000 scientists in +50 countries, integrating +50 heterogeneous data providers, executing +55,000 models & algorithms/month; providing access to over a billion quality records in repositories worldwide. D4Science hosts +100 Virtual Research Environments to serve the biological, ecological, environmental, social mining, culture heritage, and statistical communities world-wide

Violon. Céret by Pablo Picasso: The case of a lost painting. A methodological approach

Institutional area

In a research study participated by Eleonora Stella and Roberta Iannaccone from Cnr-Icvbc, the methodological approach used for the study of a painting from Pablo Picasso's cubist period is examined in order to verify its authenticity. In a perspective of a multidisciplinary research and activity, the outcomes obtained made it possible to identify a work of art by the Spanish painter which had always been considered lost

Technology transfer office

Institutional area

Technology transfer represents the Cnr’s second mission, after the scientific research. Cnr-TTO is responsible for all the activities related to TT, namely protection of research results, IPR management and exploitation, promotion and support for spin-off creation, marketing and promotion of research results

Cnr: 95 years of future


On November 2018, Cnr marked its 95th anniversary: a special ceremony was organised in the Cnr Rome headquarters, attended by major institutional representative

Towards Fp9 - Cnr presents its 'Mission' proposals

Institutional Area

For a research institution such as Cnr, the EU Research Framework Programmes (FP) represent a fundamental tool to complement its institutional activities as well as to build and strengthen its scientific partnerships. This position paper introduces the Cnr priorities in terms of 'mission' within Horizon Europe (FP9)

The Bluemed italian paper

Institutional area

An overview of relevance, obstacles  and proposals of the key sectors for a blue growth, issued by the Cnr Bluemed Working Group

ETC2019, 17th european turbulence conference

Event from 03/09/2019 to 06/09/2019

ETC is the main European conference on turbulence and related topics. Attracting about 500 participants from many different countries, ETC offers since 1986 a top-level platform for scientists to deliver cutting-edge presentations