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European Young Investigator Awards


for research in Italian scientific institutes

Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions For Potential EURYI Applicants And Awardees

EURYI Awards (versione italiana)

Instructions for applications to be submitted within the ESF 4° EURYI Program international Call

The purpose of this Notice is to provide additional instructions concerning the italian selection procedure aimed at choosing 5 candidates to be proposed by CNR for the international competition within the 4th Call of the EURYI Program (European Young Investigators Awards)
Every signatory national Agency can send in, for the international evaluation, a pre-fixed number of applications, this number depending on the amount of each Agency's financial contribution to the Program.
For what Italy is concerned, this year CNR has scheduled to propose up to a max of 5 candidates. INFN participates with 2 more candidates.

Applicant eligibility
For what applicants are concerned, all citizenships are admitted. Candidates must hold a doctoral degree (PhD), obtained in Italy or abroad, the defence date of which will be between 24 and 96 months, prior to the closing date of the Call, not including possible career breaks (maternity/paternity leave, serious certified health reasons or military service). Specialization degrees obtained within the faculty of Medicine are not considered equivalent to research doctorates and cannot be accepted in their place.

Scientific Areas
CNR accepts proposals dealing with all disciplines, with the exception of those falling under the competence of INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) which also joins the EURYI Program; it's kindly requested to check beforehand the list of all scientific fields pertaining to INFN which can be found within the list of the european Institutions participating in the Program (annex-1 "List of EUROHORCs Participating Organizations") in the text of the Call: See Call's text.

Application process
Proposing/hosting institution - Applications must be submitted by public research Institutions, Universities and private no-profit research Centers which intend to host the applicant and his/her research project. (download the fac-simile submission letter DOC_version.
Supranational Institutions or those ruled by an international statute (e.g. Ispra's European Research Centre or ICGEB) are not eligible.
A candidate is supposed to contact beforehand the italian Institution where he/she wishes to carry out his/her research project and obtain an official authorization signed by the legal representative of the same (Euryi application form, pag.3 - 4thCallapp_form.doc, 4thCallapp_form.pdf) and a support letter (Application form - appendix 2). He/she will also ask the prospective hosting institution to submit the application to CNR using the ad hoc submission letter fac-simile.
The candidate is also requested to make sure that the host institution, in case of a EURYI Award win, will free him/her from any other work obligation (i.e.teaching or clinic activity) so to be able to devote all his/her time to the carrying out of the researches connected to the EURYI project.
Pre-selection by the host Institution - In order to focus the national-stage selection on those proposals having the best chances of success in the 2° stage evaluation (international level), hosting Institutions are strongly invited to pre-select candidates and submit to CNR only the most competitive ones.

Expenses covered by the Award
According to the rules fixed by all member Organizations participating in Euryi in the Memorandum of Understanding and in the Call text, the Award will last a five year period and its amount could vary from   750,000 to   1,250,000 (  150-250,000 per year) depending on the proposed expenditure estimate and how the same is judged adequate to the carrying out of the research project.
The grant will cover:

  • The Euryi awardee's salary (agreed upon with the host Institution by signing a five year long contract. The host Institution will level the pay check of the Euryi Award holder to the salaries payed to its personnel having equivalent age and professional qualification). The average salary level considered is that of senior researchers at national research institutions or associate professors at universities
  • The granting of fellowships for graduates and PhD students
  • The temporary recruitment of researchers (research grants, post-doc grants/contracts) and technical personnel
  • The expenses directly connected to the carrying out of the research project in the host Institution (consumables, travelling, registrabile material, overheads -not exceeding 10%, etc.)

Selection process
National-level selection will follow the below steps:

  1. one or more CNR Boards of Experts will view the applications to check whether they meet the standards fixed by the international competition. National and international referees will be then singled out (at least three per application). Prioriry will be given to international referees.
  2. The selected referees will examine and evaluate single proposals following the criteria established in the Call (below mentioned). Each referee will be asked to evaluate only one proposal. The candidate is allowed to give CNR the names of two scholars to be not included among the possible evaluators of his/her proposal, by adding to the required documents a signed paper containing the two names. In order to avoid difficulties in choosing the international referees and getting their acceptance, the candidate is kindly requested to mention no more than two names
  3. The referees' evaluations will be looked over and classified by the above mentioned CNR Boards of Experts; candidates who received the best scores and particularly detailed and praising comments on the proposal and CV, will be included in a shortlist to be submitted to CNR's top executives for the final selection of the 5 candidates to the international stage evaluation.
  4. note that in the second stage selection, applications will be reviewed by scientists of great renown (possibly including Nobel Prizes winners) joining macrofields panels.

Selection Criteria
Referees and international panels will take into account the features as detailed in the text of the Call, regarding the applicant and the research project. Please refer to text of the Call for details.
A particular mention is to be made to the research unit within the host Institution: the evaluation will take into account

• Standards of excellence internationally acknowledged (as resulting also from the description given in part E of the application form, mentioning particularly advanced research activities carried out in the Centre, collaborations with other italian or foreign institutions, researchers and publications that gained particular prestige at an international level, use of innovative equipment, statistics on the impact factor etc.)
• Suitability for hosting the applicant, for providing the proposed research with all the means necessary for the achievement of its goals. The host Institution must give its formal commitment giving accurate information on the resources the applicant will be allowed to make use of and on research collaboration opportunities

Other provisions
Each candidate can submit only one proposal. Should other applications be submitted to other participating european Institutions, the candidate will be officially declared out of the selection procedure.
Application forms and related attached documents must be filled out/written in english
According to the italian selection rules, the applicant is requested to state the authenticity of what declared in CV (to be attached to CV itself) using the enclosed ad hoc form (facsimile) see below mentioned enclosure 1

How to submit an application

Applications, complete of all required documents, will have to be forwarded to:

Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche
Direzione Generale - Progetto European Science Foundation
Dr. Anna D'Amato
P.le Aldo Moro, 7 - 00185 Roma - Italy

Applications must be received by CNR within 7,00 p.m. of November 30th 2006 (by mail, courier, hand delivery) and the date stamped on the application by CNR-Ufficio Accettazione Corrispondenza- will be considered the only evidence of the proposal's arrival at this Council.

In order to speed up the evaluation procedure, the application (pdf format) will have to be also forwarded to CNR - Progetto European Science Foundation - by electronic mail to the following address: euryi@cnr.it

For further information: Stefania Zitelli (stefania.zitelli@cnr.it), ph. 0039 06 4993 3002.

Documents to be submitted
1) Hosting Institution's submission form (as above mentioned, duly filled out and signed by the legal representative of the institution itself), which will include the institution's administrative data and specific reference to the proposed candidate.
2) Application form in english filled out by each candidate proposed by the applying Institution, which will contain the following documents:

  • part A: both the candidate and the proposing Institution's administrative details, a brief summary of both the research project and of the costs estimate
  • part B: the candidate's profile
  • part C: a description of the research project
  • part D: Financial Plan and Justification of Resources Awarded - A detailed plan (sketched in part A) for the 5-year period according to the standard procedures of the participating organisation, specifying the proposed use of each expenditure item.
  • part E: a document officially stating 1) the host Institution's international acknowledgement 2) the Institution's accessibility to equipment and further facilities 3) the candidate's past or ongoing collaborations with the Istitution itself and 4) the reasons for choosing that specific hosting Institution to carry out the research project.
  • Enclosure 1: the candidate's professional CV (max 10 A4 sheets) which will have to include a list of publications and an affidavit (item 47 DPR 445/ 28.12.2000) to be written following faithfully the fac-simile downloadable autocertification
  • Enclosure 2: the host Institution's acceptance letter containing a description of its research facilities, its accessibility and the extent of the candidate's accessibility to the same; possible authorized access to other Institutions' facilities; technical support services, scientific support and collaboration by research community members either in linked areas or in cases where a synergy can be developed (i.e. nanotechnologies, IT)
  • Enclosure 3: recommendation letters (in english) released by no more than two internationally well known scientists. In case of more than two recommendation letters, the candidate is requested to inform CNR (with a written notice) on the two letters he/she wishes to be considered in the refereeing procedure.
  • additional letter, should this be appropriate, specifying the names of the two scholars to be not involved in the peer review process : to be sent by fax (0039 06 49932905) or e-mail and not to be included in the set of application documents in pdf format.
It is strongly suggested to view (beforehand) both the Call, the MOU and the Guidelines (Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions For Potential EURYI Applicants And Awardees) texts in either ESF or CNR web sites or clicking on the links contained in this document.

Further information
A description of the past EURYI Prize winning projects is available in the ESF web site (www.esf.org) together with the winners profiles.

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