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Science and Technology Indicators
2007 edition  

Update april 2008

8. Articles and citations

Data presented in this section, concerning the numbers of articles, collaborations and citations regard a set of scientific publications released in a large number of scientific and technological journal. These are selected by Thomson ISI (previously Institute for Scientific Information). It monitors publications and runs the Science Citation Index (SCI) and the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI). The source of information is the US National Science Foundation, using data elaborated by ipIQ, Inc. (previously CHI Research, Inc.). The set of journals analysed is gradually increasing and evolving, following the research activities and the journals publication. The coverage has been extended to the electronic journals.

The number of articles in international journals (Figure 8.1) is a proxy of the scientific productiveness of a country. Furthermore, they provide information on content and priorities of activities in a research system, on the ability to transfer R&D results into practical applications, on connections between scientific sectors. Figure 8.4 shows the relative weight of publications by each industrialised country over the total world scientific production. The number of articles written in co-operation with scientists from other countries (Figure 8.5) provides clear and sound indications on the interdependency of scientific activity and the links between researchers and institutions in various countries.

Table 8.1, on countries' scientific production in different fields, shows the move of a number of countries towards upper or lower places on the rank and their specialisation in the scientific and technological fields.

8. Articles and citations

Fig. 8.1 - Articles by Italian scientists in the most important international journals, 1988-2005
Fig. 8.4 - Scientific articles by authors of several countries over world total, 2005
Fig. 8.5 - Internationally co-authored articles by Italian scientists over total international collaboration, 2005
Tbl. 8.1 - Ranks in scientific publications based on the numbers of articles by broad fields in several countries, 1995 and 2005

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